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Aura vs. LifeLock

Aura catches threats to your family’s assets thanks to award-winning identity theft protection

Aura vs. Identity Guard

Identity theft and its related crimes are continuing to be one of the biggest threats to our personal safety.

Aura vs. Complete ID

Aura and Costco Complete are two fairly similar products, both in what they offer and price

Choosing between these two companies isn’t easy. LifeLock is a household name, and IDShield offers…

Identity Guard vs IDShield

Identity Guard and IDShield are two services that aren’t too different on the surface, , which makes them perfect…

LifeLock vs Complete ID

LifeLock is one of the oldest identity theft products on the market. But that doesn’t mean…

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Identity theft of Social Security card with an empty bank account

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Famous Identity Theft Cases

The frequency of identity theft today, makes this crime almost unremarkable. However, there are some stand-out cases of identity theft. These cases made the headlines, and brought to light the immense impact identity theft has on the individual, businesses and governments. 

  • Phillip Cummings
  • Kenneth Gibson
  • Nakeisha Hall
  • David Matthew Read
  • Turhan Armstrong
  • Luis Flores

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best identity theft protection reviews

Aura review

Aura Reviews

Aura is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best products you can invest in.

Lifelock review

LifeLock Reviews

LifeLock also monitors more than just your name, social security number…

Identity guard review

Identity Guard Reviews

 Identity Guard is one of those, being possibly the first business…