FSM: Anti-Semitism Watch

Anti-Semitism is Growing in the West

Anti-Semitism Watch is a new feature on Family Security Matters, which will appear as an occasional series. One of the biggest threats to American security is the undermining of the sanctuary that has traditionally been provided to Jews who fled persecution in Europe and elsewhere.

The rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and America comes from the left and from Islamists, as much as it does from far right groups. For the left, a contempt for Israel is used as a mask for some virulent attitudes that are not dissimilar to those of Hitler’s National Socialists. For Islamists, and sadly for many normal Muslims too, this hatred of Israel is used as a disguise for anti-Semitism. Islamic hatred of Jews goes back to the Koran, and the recorded sayings of the prophet Mohammed. Islamophobia is a meaningless term, but those who use it frequently are the same ones who overlook the real Anti-Semitism of Palestinian groups like Hamas.


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