Rep. Curt Weldon

Curt Weldon served in the US House for 20 years and retired as Vice Chairman of the Armed Services and Homeland Security Committee. Weldon conceived, initiated and Co-Chaired the Duma/Congress Initiative and led dozens of bi-partisan Congressional Delegations to Russia (as he did with other nations). Weldon was inducted into the Russia Federation Academy of Social Sciences for his bi-lateral work. During his 30 year tenure (20 in the US Congress) Weldon won numerous national security awards. Weldon recently donated his Archives to West Chester University that include 480+ cases of original files, documents and thousands of photos, charts and original items as well as a massive Oral History that already includes 100+ hours of interviews with Weldon, Members of Congress from both political parties, former USG Officials as well as international leaders including Russia. Funds are being raised by the West Chester University Foundation so that the Weldon Archive and Oral History Collection will be catalogued and placed on line hopefully in 2017.



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