AQ has achieved every single objective it set out to achieve with the 9/11 attacks - and is riding a wave of success unimaginable 10 yrs. ago.

by Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret) September 7, 2011

Let's look at this:

  • US military is strained to breaking point because of the mythical COIN "nation building" strategy........
  • AQ has succeeded in pushing US out of both Afghanistan and Iraq, leaving both countries under Islamic Law (Shariah), which the stupid Americans helped write into their constitutions - and imposition of Islamic Law is, after all, AQ's number one top reason for conducting Jihad in the first place....
  • US economyis plunged into deep distress.......................
  • AQoperates three Shuras that havesurvived all efforts to disrupt them:Af/Pak mountains, Pakistani cities (Quetta), and Iran - AQ cancontinue to elevateas many #2s as we care to kill - its bench is deep and virtually endless
  • AQ has just taken over Libya guided by Muslim Brotherhood
  • AQ has vastly expanded its online Internetpresence and reach for communications, propaganda, proselytizing, recruitment, training,and more - we have nothing that even begins to compete
  • AQ has solidified its alliances with Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, the OIC, and Taliban plus terror militias in Iraq
  • AQ has awakened the Muslim ummah to JIhad

Now, could someone please tell me in precisely what sense AQ is debilitated or degraded??!! Hezbollah is the best funded, armed and organized jihad group - proxy of Iran. Muslim Brotherhood drives the global jihad machine and communicates through the global positioned Mosques.... 

100% of all Jihadist are fighting to destroy Western civilization and impose Shariah law... saying they are doing it for Allah in obedience to Islamic doctrine and scriptures. After 1400 yrs. of their doing and saying the exact same thing, I tend to believe them. I guess that's what might be called a "track record."  Look at what is happening in Europe and Dearborn, Michigan......

Paul E. Vallely MG, US Army (Ret)

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