The Right TV - The twelve best conservative TV shows

by Ben Shapiro June 15, 2011

12. Lost (2004-10): I may be the only person on earth who believes that Lost skews conservative on political matters, but I'll stick to my guns.

11. Walker, Texas Ranger (1993-2001): Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas. Period..

10. South Park (1997-present): This show is really libertarian. It makes fun of conservatives for their social values, but it mocks liberals mercilessly for their social values, their foreign-policy beliefs, and their economic foolishness.

9. Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005): This underappreciated comedy didn't say anything important about gay marriage, taxes, global warming, abortion, or any other hot-button political issue. That's what made it so important.

8. King of the Hill (1997-2009): Who would have thought the creator of Beavis and Butt-head... would be responsible for the most conservative animated show in the history of television?

7. The Waltons (1972-81): Easily the sweetest show ever made. There is no better depiction of family values on television.

6. Gunsmoke (1955-75): This was the archetypal American Western television show, iconic for its quality and its longevity.

5. Dragnet (1951-59, 1967-70): Dragnet was based on a simple, conservative premise: Cops are good, criminals are bad, and crime must be punished.

4. Leave It to Beaver (1957-63): There's a reason this show is seen as the apotheosis of conservative values on television. Ward and June Cleaver are the near-perfect couple, dispensing wisdom and advice to Beaver and Wally.

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