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by Edward Cline March 20, 2009 If any of you watched Obama's appearance on the Jay Leno show last night (the 19th), all was good cheer and laughter and applause, until Jay Leno, much to my surprise, asked Obama about the consequences of Congress retroactively taxing the AIG executive bonuses, a subject I mention near the end of this commentary.

Leno more or less asked him, "If they can do that now, what's to stop Congress from targeting anyone and taxing selected "enemies" for any reason it wished?

Obama yadda-yadda'd in his answer. I can't even recall what he said, except something to the effect that "safeguards" must be put into place to prevent, not Congress from persecuting individuals or corporations, but from unsanctioned bonuses being paid.

Leno did not press Obama for a more specific answer. I do not know if Leno's questions were prepared, as they are during his bogus press conferences, or off-the-cuff.
Obama more or less was in his non-stop campaign mode.

Ed Cline

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