The U.S. military's 'anti-Islam classes'

by Janet Levy May 25, 2012

Just listen to the first 5 minutes of this ostensibly reasoned and credible attempt by "Inside Story Americas" to cast military training materials on Islam as a blight on the American ideals of tolerance, acceptance and multiculturalism. The reporters announce their discovery of "The Outlawed Brief" as if the training materials represent a clandestine attempt to foster discrimination against Muslims and NOT an appropriate and necessary response to a real threat.
Calling CAIR anything but a civil rights organization for American Muslims? How dare they!
Associating Nihad Awad with Hamas? Where do these military officials ever get this garbage!
Using depictions juxtaposing the Muslim Brotherhood with beheadings? This is fear-mongering of the highest degree!
Caution: You may begin to believe that you have gone insane 5 minutes into the video. Pace yourself accordingly.
Janet Levy, Los Angeles

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