Wake Forest University's Radical Imam

by Clare Lopez January 4, 2012

When Wake Forest University hired Khalid Griggs in February 2010 to be its first Muslim Assistant Chaplain, President Nathan O. Hatch hailed the "broader dialogue among people of different faith traditions" and the "greater awareness of differing beliefs" that he apparently supposed would flow naturally from the appointment.

Hatch might have been excused for his ignorance at the time, because the Center for Security Policy (CSP, a Washington, D.C. think tank, had not yet published its seminal study on Islamic law (shariah) and the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan). "Shariah: The Threat to America." Once that work came out in October 2010, though, it is difficult to understand how the president of such a respected American university could have remained so oblivious to the serious implications of allowing an individual like Griggs with openly-publicized links to the Muslim Brotherhood access to Wake Forest students.

Actually, someone with Hatch's level of professional responsibility might have been expected to demonstrate a better awareness of Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] activities well before 2010: the Holy Land Foundation HAMAS terror funding trial concluded in November 2008 with a unanimous 108-count guilty verdict for the top leadership of this ostensible Islamic "charity" which was found to have channeled millions of dollars to the Islamic terror organization HAMAS, the Gaza branch of the Muslim Brotherhood...

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