Al Jazeera worried that Europe is being too tough on Muslims.

March 15, 2012 Eight years have passed since France's Assemblee Nationale launched the opening volley of a decade-long effort to reduce Islam's visibility within migrant-origin communities across Europe. In the last few months alone, an anti-burqa law was passed in the Netherlands, a new headscarf bill and restrictions on halal slaughter are under consideration in France, and a German Supreme Court ruling banned Muslim prayer in public schools. As Muslims and non-Muslims despair about the prospect of long-term Islamic integration in 21st century Europe, disagreement over the urgency and necessity to restrict Islamic symbols in the public sphere - from clothing to architecture and food - is at the origin of a potentially grave misunderstanding…
What does Pam think?
And I worry that Europe isn't being tough enough. So that makes us even. Last time Muslims tried to "integrate" Europe, they pretty much took over. So I think there's precedent here.

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