Slaves of Allah Coming to Houston to “Educate” Non-Muslims on Sharia!

March 27, 2012 One of the most dangerous weapons in the arsenal of Islam is the IslamoCON. A weapon which preys on naive, unsuspecting, kind hearted non-Muslim Americans. Those using this weapon show no mercy. As they are slaves to Allah who will feast on the minds of those who are uninformed on Islam. Age or sex does not matter. This week the slaves to Allah are bringing the IslamoCON to Houston Texas, in an effort to try and get non-Muslims to believe that Islamic Law is no threat to them. Thankfully there is an organization waiting to counter that falsehood...
What does Pam think?
Maybe they'll give out free copies of the book that tells Muslim men it's OK to restrain and even beat their wives in order to make them behave.

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