JULY 30, 2015
JULY 25, 2015
JULY 24, 2015

Will thoughtful people vote their conscience, supporting sound politics, or will people succumb to sound bite politics, with party allegiances continuing to drive elections?

JULY 23, 2015

We shouldn't wonder why people are working into their 70s--we should wonder why anyone retires, assuming they'll still be receiving their full pension in five years.

JULY 22, 2015

And for those who suggest the concept of ‘sanctuary city’ promotes a safe zone for illegal aliens to cooperate with law enforcement, you live in fantasyland.

A 13-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and strangled to death by a 25-year-old illegal alien online predator.

JULY 19, 2015

No one writing about Greece is much bothered about what is actually taking place there.

JULY 14, 2015

Illegal alien crime destroys the lives and families of our nation's finest - the men and women of our police law enforcement communities across the country.