How do we fight terrorism abroad?
At the same time that we are working to secure and defend the American homeland, the United States must also be aggressively waging the war on terrorism abroad. The United States is safer if terrorists never reach our borders and the whole world is safer if they never turn to terrorism at all. Understanding these facts, the United States has developed a two-pronged approach to winning the war on terrorism overseas. First, we must identify and neutralize those individuals who represent threats to American interests. Naturally, some of these people are actual terrorists, with the intention of traveling to the United States or our foreign installations and causing death and destruction. Others are terrorist supporters, including governments, financiers, religious leaders, and instructors, all of whom are essential to the continued implementation and success of terrorism. Their work is as deadly as that of their operational allies and must be stopped if we hope to prevent further attacks.

At the same time that the United States is fighting terrorism where it already exists, it also has developed and implemented a multidimensional approach to preventing the spread of radicalism and the education of new terrorists. Certain conditions generally accompany the decision of an individual to turn to terrorism, including socioeconomic status, integration into the community, level and type of education, and exposure to foreign cultures. While these are not foolproof predictors of potential radical sympathies, they so frequently accompany a susceptibility to radicalization and a willingness to use violence that their association is generally accepted by most analysts. If the United States can reduce the pervasiveness and potency of these factors, it may also be able to control the spread of terrorism worldwide.

APRIL 17, 2015

ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that include a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector.

Having over-hyped a non-existent agreement over Iran’s nuclear program, President Obama now admits this “chance of a lifetime” may lead nowhere. What to do?

If anyone misunderstands that mindset better than most, it is President Obama.

APRIL 13, 2015

If one revisits Obama’s public pronouncements, made since 2008, about a nuclear-armed Iran, the picture emerges of a President again relying upon American voters’ stupidity to promote his own agenda.

Unlike the wise son who is eager to learn the statutes and understand the nuances of the law, Obama is dismissive of the underpinnings of American idealism.

APRIL 10, 2015

For the first time in the history of the legendary U.S. Army Ranger School, the course will be open for women to attend as Ranger Students beginning in mid-Apr.

APRIL 9, 2015

The administration says tougher sanctions now would not be useful to secure a better deal.

As millions of Christians around the world were celebrating Easter Sunday, the Christians of the Muslim world were again under attack.

At least 100 Islamist teachers and teaching assistants implicated in last year's "Trojan Horse" teaching scandal in Birmingham, England may face lifetime teaching bans.

The founder of Islam, Mohammad, insured the faith would remain on its intended mission by providing it with its manual of murder and mayhem, the Quran.

Facts did not impede Abowd’s false narrative, as he repeated the canard that the Simon Wiesenthal Center was building a Museum of Tolerance on the site of the Muslim Manilla Cemetery.

APRIL 7, 2015

Through their nuclear diplomacy, Obama and his comrades started the countdown to war.

APRIL 6, 2015

The deal could spark Mideast war or nuclear arms race.

ISIS has revived the barbaric practice. The time to stop both of them is now. (Warning: Graphic Photos)

APRIL 4, 2015
 Easter Greetings from Everyone at Family Security Matters.


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