Economic Solutions

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in receivership. Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers going belly-up while AIG gets a government bailout to avoid even more chaos. And you thought Gordon "Greed-is-good" Gecko was only a fictional movie character? Things are slated toget a lot worse unless we fundamentally change the way American financial firms operate, from Wall Street to Main Street. While former military officers aren't expected to offer opinions on business issues, much of Col. Ken Allard's (US Army, Ret.) writing and research since Enron has focused squarely on business leadership. He teaches MBAs and his 2004 book, Business As War, argued that American business should exploit such cutting-edge 21st century techniques as business intelligence. Read what Ken and his associates John Wallace and Jim Thomas have to say about how you can recover from this economic disaster, and what you need to know going forward.

Steps to Restoring Confidence in the America's Corporate Economy
Colonel Kenneth Allard (US Army, ret.)

The Economic Crisis - Coping as Individuals
John Wallace

Betting the Company: Welcome to the World of Crisis Management
Jim Thomas

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