Meet The Heroes Next Door

Americans Making a Difference

At FSM, we hope to motivate all Americans to find their particular talents that may help protect the safety and security of the United States. That's why it's so important our readers are informed about the issues and have the tools to make a difference. Still, we know it's always helpful to have an example. So we have profiled some of our neighbors who have already taken amazing proactive steps to change our country. When you read their stories, we think you'll understand just how powerful an ordinary American with an extraordinary dream can be.

Linda Strating
After 9/11, Linda Strating knew she needed to do something to help defend her country from the terrorist threat it faced. But with a lifetime of experience in university administration, rather than the military, intelligence, or government, finding an outlet for her desire to serve was difficult. Now she proves that all Americans truly do have a role to play in our nation's defense as she works to recruit new students to the Institute of World Politics, a graduate school dedicated to training the next generation of capable and responsible national leaders. Read Complete Story

Debra Burlingame
To the uninformed observer, Debra Burlingame might look like an activist. She has been a very public face of the 9/11 victims' survivors. She has willingly engaged some rather intimidating enemies, from the New York intelligentsia to the Pentagon, in high-profile arguments which she has generally won. She is an active and vocal member of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation Board of Directors. Op-eds about and by her have appeared in numerous national publications. But despite all of this activity, she still shuns the title of "activist". To Burlingame, her new public role is simply her duty to her country, making her a citizen and nothing more. Read Complete Story

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