Safe at Home, which is dedicated to the brave passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 who sacrificed their lives to prevent al Qaeda terrorists from crashing that plane into a Washington, D.C. target, will be a multi-pronged campaign that will include professional polling, candidate questionnaires, advertising, and aggressive media outreach to highlight critical national security issues.  Safe at Home will re-emphasize homeland security issues in the national debate and convince Americans to better prepare for potential catastrophes, both natural and terrorist-related. In addition, Safe at Home will provide American voters with objective and non-partisan voter guides to educate them about the positions of the 2008 Presidential candidates on national security matters. 

Safe at Home is about empowering families to take responsibility for security planning where they live.  Government plays a key role in protecting its citizenry, but it is individual Americans who make this country strong and resilient.  The coming decades may be challenging for America and its allies, but there is nothing we cannot overcome with proper planning and attitude.   

FSM has chosen to highlight the stories of a few resourceful Americans, retelling their tales of how they have dealt with life after 9/11.  Read their inspiring stories and imagine yourself accomplishing something equally as helpful to your family, your community and your country.  Welcome to Safe at Home!

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 The Interview Series

    * Safe at Home Interviews Stephen Flynn  If we, as individuals and as a society decide to construct a more resilient society, the possibilities are endless…  

    * Safe at Home Interviews Debra Burlingame, our second profile in resilience…
    *  Safe at Home Interviews Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser

How do You Propose Americans Stay Safe at Home?  Let us know what you can do to create a safe environment for your family and community!

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