FEBRUARY 24, 2018

For over a half-century, Billy Graham was the living refutation of such modern yet ancient sophistries, fearlessly preaching in his distinctive North Carolina accent that “Christ is the ANSUH!”

FEBRUARY 23, 2018

Teaching is about as old as civilization itself. Parents start filling this role from day one of a child’s birth — supplemented by other adults as the child matures. Teachers help mold a child’s thinking and values in life.

The FBI was notified about a “Nikolas Cruz’ who wanted to be a “professional school shooter” back in September, according to reports.

Liberalism is an idealistic political philosophy born after the defeat of Napoleon, a philosophy of freedom, which epitomized individual liberty, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and free elections.

Muhammad is apparently also the most popular name in England. In fact, Muhammad is one of the most popular names throughout Northwest Europe.

FEBRUARY 21, 2018

It is unfortunate these politically active statue topplers have chosen to isolate historical events in a vacuum.

You have the courage to ridicule, mock, and humiliate the Vice President; let’s see how courageous you are to ridicule Mohammad.

Islam has spawned many sects that are master practitioners of the art of double standards. As far as Muslims are concerned, what is good for Muslims is not good for the non-Muslims; and what is bad for Muslims is good for non-Muslims.

In defending an aide accused of wife beating, President Trump asked, “Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?” Alas, without defending all such claims, the president has a point that allegation often translates into culpability without an adherence to due process.

FEBRUARY 19, 2018

Historically politicians were citizen legislators who provided short term patriotic service to the country without remuneration. They were citizens from all walks of life bringing a variety of perspectives to Washington in service to their constituents. What happened? ...

Now Geopolitical Futures, which I am told is a respectable journal, has joined the trend of relying on non-experts to misinform its readers that the threat from nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is “hyped” by the real experts.

Mueller’s indictment is an ineffectual response to a provocation by Russia.

The bottom line from the indictment: no Trump campaign collusion with Russia. The Russians did not hand the election to President Trump.

Calling it the Steele dossier is a mistake. It’s the Clinton dossier. At best, it’s the Clinton-Steele dossier.

Imagine just one of the eighty-seven ancient, Orthodox churches in Egypt now in a heap of rubble fully restored and meeting the needs of the poor at its door. Should the state funds for Egypt’s upcoming presidential election this March be put to better use?

There was a great deal of interest shown at the Senate Intelligence Committee's hearing on February 13 about Russian attempts to influence the 2016 Presidential election and the upcoming 2018 Congressional contests.

In April 2017, the Pentagon launched the U.S. Defense Department’s legislatively mandated quadrennial Nuclear Posture Review to determine American policy, strategy and capabilities.

The headline above could have been written with a straight-face by any media outlet and been technically 'true' about the American economy in the last year since President Trump took office.

FEBRUARY 15, 2018

Whenever a national tragedy occurs, such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters, children, like many people, may be confused or frightened.

FEBRUARY 14, 2018

The nuclear posture review or NPR has been produced by the Trump administration to guide the nation’s future nuclear deterrent and nuclear modernization effort.

King David ruled the Kingdom of Israel from Jerusalem 1,000 years before the birth of Christ. Over centuries that geography was ruled by Romans, Babylonians, Greeks, Ottomans, and others.

“I can tell you that Israel does want to make peace,” Trump said.

“Donald Trump will not be President of the United States. You can take that to the bank. I guarantee it.”

Iran’s Islamic leaders were surprised by the scale and location of the protests that first erupted over economic grievances on Dec. 28, and then quickly turned political and spread to more than 130 cities and towns – many of them long considered conservative bastions of regime support.

FEBRUARY 12, 2018

Fusion GPS, the company brought into the spotlight as a result of allegations collusion occurred between presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russia, is – in reality – also a hired gun.

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

The nuclear posture review or NPR has been produced by the Trump administration to guide the nation’s future nuclear deterrent and nuclear modernization effort.


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