SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

The deteriorating situation facing millions of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East was focused of a bipartisan and ecumenical conference which started yesterday in Washington DC.

“If September 11, 2001, was a wake-up call, clearly America has fallen back to sleep.” Stephen Flynn


If we live as a divided nation, we will forever be at the mercy of demagogues like Obama and tribal armies like ISIS.

As the world falls apart, the commander-in-chief bounces from putting greens to fundraising galas.

Obama has always sought to reduce terrorism to a criminal violation as distinct from war. He has demanded that “Islam” be taken out of the equation completely.

Diana West Educates Megyn Kelly about Maajid Nawaz and Quilliam, Shariah and Jihad...and being better informed about all...

We are now in the middle of a full—blown Jihad, that is to say we have against us the fiercest prejudices of a people in a primeval state of civilization...

Civic virtue is lost when ‘other people’s kids’ do all the fighting


The Kurds, like the Jews, unreservedly deserve their existing homelands, for both trace their ancestry in them back thousands of years.

Be a high information voter! Before you pull the lever, learn your candidates' positions on key issues! Who are the incumbents and who are their challengers? Read on…

Is Obama repeating the mistake of Britain’s liberal Prime Minister Anthony Asquith in dealing with jihadists a century ago?


Barrack Hussein Obama is the example of what happens when the mightiest nation on earth elects a politician whose worldview is to naively make the world a level playing field.

The government is not the only prey on our freedoms. Islam is its major partner in that crime.

Obama said that although his "preference is to see Congress act," he intends to take unilateral action to give illegal aliens “some path” to “be legal” if Congress does not enact the sort immigration legislation he wants.


But the ISIS soldier’s lack of conscience and inability to identify with victims as fellow human beings is a trait that drives all mass-murderers.

Just as the NATO summit discussed the Middle East as well as Ukraine, the STWC renewed its ties with Islamic radicalism as well as Russian aggression.

Our Hollywood fantasies and television fictions have tried to frighten us for entertainment with zombies and vampires. However, such imaginary monsters are nothing compared to the likes of ISIS and Boko Haram and Hamas.


How Iran, Assad and Hezbollah are using Christian persecution by ISIS to hijack the minorities

Fox News Reporting brings you the untold story of the Benghazi terror attack.

If you do not feel violated as an American after two citizens were beheaded at the hands of terrorists, then please check your citizenship at the door.

Mr. Barfi’s pathetic invocation of his own crude and uninformed apologetics on Islam, will do nothing to alter the ugly, mainstream doctrinal Islamic rationale for Steven Sotloff’s capture, imprisonment, and beheading.

Hard choices on Ukraine, ISIS await


Obama is cautious and dithers even on perilous issues like confronting the ISIS threat, not as a result of campaign promises, but because to make any decision risks the reassuring adulation of his political base and a fawning media.

In a historic visit to the United Nations Security Council and Secretariat General, the widest coalition of Iraqi Christian and Yazidi and Middle East

Even the liberal media couldn’t defend President Obama’s bizarre public statement about having no strategy to confront the Islamic State terrorist group.

Sometime during the last week the Public Health Agency of Canada changed its website’s content regarding Ebola transmission

The recent increase in security at a key Army base near a Mexican border city where Islamic terrorists are confirmed to be operating and planning an attack on the U.S. indicates that the facility is a target...

Jews in the Holy Land have had a “solid majority throughout almost all of history uninterrupted” except for a few centuries during Muslim rule.

Have you noticed how much earthquake and volcanic activity has been occurring lately?

Simply defined it is as follows: In order to have its right to exist acknowledged, Israel must cease to exist.

This is hardly a new issue for this President. For starters, he has been as deceptive about his relationship to Islam as all of this sitting government's reluctance to name Islam, the enemy.

Compare Obama’s inaction to Prime Minister David Cameron’s decisive action.

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September 19, 2014  07:32 AM

Makes sense, no?

Team of Ebola education workers murdered in Guinea; eight dead

September 19, 2014  01:11 AM

Bodies were found in a village latrine.

Unexpectedly? Obamacare signups down since president's April football spike

September 19, 2014  00:32 AM

8 million?

'Are you guys okay?' MSNBC reports on 'Bridgegate' investigation wash-out (with bonus Iowahawk snark)

September 18, 2014  10:28 PM

That must have hurt.

'Awks': Obama congratulates Debbie Wasserman Schultz for award

September 18, 2014  09:21 PM

"Sorry I couldn't be there in person..."

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