FEBRUARY 5, 2018

This week marks the 75th anniversary of an event memorializing selfless acts by four men of the cloth of different faiths. Despite doctrinal differences of their religions, all shared a common bond – ironically, one distinguishing their faiths from a fifth.

Once upon a time a seasoned political operative ran for President of the U.S. against a candidate who had virtually no political experience. She––Democrat Ms. Hillary Clinton––former First Lady of Arkansas, former First Lady of the U.S., former U.S. Senator from NY, former SOS under the faux “president” Barack Obama, was clearly the favorite.

The United States is not building more warheads for its stockpile, and is not making any new warheads, contrary to the wrong-headed criticisms of the NPR earlier this month.

The recently released National Defense Strategy drawn up by the Trump administration identified Great Power competition with Russia and China as the major challenges facing the United States.

FEBRUARY 2, 2018

There was an unspoken question as Donald Trump mounted the podium for last night’s State of the Union message: Is Robert Mueller’s endless investigation aimed at impeaching the wrong President?

FEBRUARY 1, 2018

It was educational to watch the audience during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address in Congress the night of January 30th. The Democratic side of the House played dead.

Political opponents are bound by election outcomes to insure the peaceful transition of power - it is what separates America from the bloodshed of third world coups. So, what is the purpose of Obama's seditious Resistance movement? What is being resisted?

L'IREMMO1 saves Jerusalem... from the Jews

English adaptation by the author of the original French version published by CoolAmNews


JANUARY 31, 2018

That dynamic changed several years ago while I was flying to an out-of-state meeting. It was during that flight that it hit me: PTSD must be faced head-on before it strikes.

Despite 21st-century technological advancements, Muslims today rely upon a 1,300-year-old weapon of their own to launch a new invasion.

JANUARY 30, 2018

Adam Schiff is portrayed by many in the media as a straight shooter. His record in reality is of fanning the flames of every single Trump-Russia collusion allegation out there.

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said that he was sickened by the memo. He said the information it contained showed behavior by the Obama administration that was "worse than Watergate".

“The vulnerability of U.S. critical infrastructure to cyber, physical, and electromagnetic attacks means that adversaries could disrupt military command and control, banking and financial operations, the electrical grid, and means of communication.”

Obama hadn't even been in office for a whole year when he gave in to Moscow’s biggest demand by dropping the missile defense shield for Poland and the Czech Republic.

JANUARY 29, 2018

And as president, he shouldn’t even be asked.

Similar to recent Hollywood events and the #MeToo movement, some members of Congress are planning to wear black to President Trump's State of the Union Address tomorrow.   Will Senator Gillibrand (Close Clinton Friend) be wearing black?

Some news media outlets and liberal politicians are claiming that the expanding US economy is 'really due to the wonderful economy and policies President Obama passed on to President Trump!'. Really?

JANUARY 26, 2018

The Trump administration may be just about done allowing the PLO to use the US as its piggy bank and punching bag. The same unfortunately cannot be said of the PLO’s Israeli supporters in the media, in politics and in the top echelons of the IDF.

Pakistan, which considers itself the real global leader of Sunni Islam, has determined that China will be the new regional superpower and is, therefore, now willing to distance itself from Saudi Arabia and downgrade its relations with the U.S.

This poverty-stricken, disease-ridden, and politically-unstable Caribbean nation was reportedly on the receiving end of some unflattering comments recently attributed to U.S. President Donald Trump during a private meeting on immigration, which he and other participants denied.

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