MAY 14, 2017

The French president Emmanuel Macron is a protectionist when it comes to the EU.

MAY 13, 2017

Yesterday, President Trump took a long-overdue step aimed at answering a nagging question: Has there been interference with the democratic process in the recent U.S. elections? Its focus, however, is alleged domestic, not foreign, interference.

According to a senior White House official, President Donald Trump is deciding between two U.S. strategies in Afghanistan, one “more kinetic” and the other “less kinetic.”

MAY 12, 2017

Two state solution advocates recently received a boost when President Trump hosted Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas at the White House. Abbas's urging of Trump to restart Israeli-Palestinian negotiations from the offer made by former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert is like a seductive siren song to the perpetually hopeful.

With Kim2’s 2011 death, Kim3 claimed the communist throne at age 28. It was believed, having been educated in the West, Kim3 would prove a “kinder, gentler” leader. He has proven the contrary, becoming worse than either predecessor.

“The reality is across the wide world, the Christian faith is under siege. Throughout the world, no people of faith today face greater hostility or hatred than followers of Christ,” Pence said.

Before FBI Director James Comey was fired on Tuesday, there weren’t many politicians on either side of the aisle who were pleased with him or would have been sorry to see him go.

MAY 11, 2017

Were it not for imperial colonial policies, much of the known world would still be in the very Dark Ages, “brutish, nasty, and short.”

In the relentless rush to undermine the Trump administration the Left has adopted the view that the bellicose stance of the president towards North Korea, Iran, and yes, Russia is designed as a distraction.

Problematic health care, as well as the descent into homelessness for a growing number of our nation's veterans, belies our posture of national pride in our troops. We label them heroes, and then we fail to properly provide for them.

Her journey into the depths of class struggle and revolution began in earnest when she discovered the bespectacled, smoke-encircled Marxist, Saul Alinsky whom she idolized, sitting adoringly at his feet for years.

Refusing to think about nuclear weapons and warfare will not make the threat go away. Pretending to abolish nuclear weapons through arms control, as the West has been trying to do since 1945, is just another way of not thinking.

Nobody does it better than President Donald Trump. That is, drive the media crazy. And The Washington Post has gone nuts in reacting to the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

MAY 10, 2017

As someone who held high-level security clearances for 25 years — including 19 years with the CIA — I’m very happy President Trump fired James Comey. This should have happened on Mr. Trump’s first day in office.

James Comey was one of the Albatrosses and land mines Obama had left for President Trump. ... Most recently, he seemed to be attempting to even commandeer the power of the United States presidency. President Trump promised to drain the D.C. swamp and one of its chief creatures has now been given his walking papers.

With President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, the political world has exploded into wild accusations and counter-accusations of corruption and bias.

Universities almost always collapse in the face of student protest, even though the numbers are overwhelmingly in favor of the institutions. So it was in the sixties, and so it is again today.

MAY 9, 2017

Kennett High School senior Will Synnott planned on having an exciting April vacation during a student trip to France, but he didn't expect to be running for his life from a gun-toting terrorist.”

The Philippines isn’t in the news much here in the United States — unless, of course, President Trump makes a weekend phone call to its president...

Nuclear EMP is the ultimate cyber weapon in the military doctrines and plans of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran for Combined Arms Cyber Warfare that they see as a decisive new Revolution in Military Affairs.

Like his fellow “transies,” France’s new president has a low regard for such concepts as national borders, identity, culture and – inevitably – security. He has embraced continuing immigration and the Sharia-supremacists who are exploiting it to transform France beyond recognition.

Dr. Mark Green – a West Point graduate, retired Army flight surgeon, combat veteran, and TN State Senator – has withdrawn his nomination by Pres. Trump to become the next Secretary of the Army. Though this story has been relatively ignored by the mainstream press, it is important for Americans to understand what happened, and the growing McCarthyism of the Left.

During his visit to Egypt last week, “Pope Francis visited al-Azhar University, a globally respected institution for Sunni Islamic learning,” and “met with Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the imam of the government-run Al-Azhar mosque and an Islamic philosophy professor.”

By meeting with Abbas, and committing himself to working toward achieving a peace deal between Abbas and his PLO and Israel, Trump undermines Israel. He also undermines himself and his nation.

Increasingly, America’s airlines are being sued by Muslim plaintiffs who claim they have faced discrimination because of their faith and/or their appearance.

Healthy people leading healthy lifestyles generally do not need high amounts of costly health care.

Omar Barghouti, the Qatar-born Palestinian founding father of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, addressed the anti-Israel Jerusalem Fund in Washington, DC. His remarks and their approving reception ... should dispel any illusions about the BDS movement seeking Israeli-Palestinian peace.

MAY 8, 2017

What’s my semantic line? Can you detect and explain the difference between “Islamic terrorism” and “Islamist terrorism”? Is it similar to the difference between a “Chocolate Bonbon” and a “Eclair au chocolat”? Can an “Islamist” terrorist not be a Muslim? 

Based on his previous anti-Trump comments, such as calling him the “white ISIS,” Minhaj was invited to headline the event. He was seen as the matador capable of waving a red cape in front of a press already bullishly antagonistic toward Trump.

Renowned deal-maker Donald has set his sights on achieving the most elusive deal in the world: a real and durable peace between Israel and Palestinian Arabs.

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