SEPTEMBER 14, 2013

The development of a free Syria is the most viable option for the United States and Europe and the rest of the international community.

You are invited to attend an important conference aimed at making a breakthrough in the Benghazi case.

AUGUST 21, 2012

Jobs and the economy – these messages are being trumpeted as of utmost importance to our nation during this presidential campaign season, while An important centuries-old industry is again forced to play the waiting game.

A United Nations ability to restrict the access of American Internet users and bloggers would be in contravention of free speech rights, guaranteed in the First Amendment. What role will American elected officials play in an Internet power grab by the United Nations?

When concerns Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff’s Muslim Brotherhood connections were first raised by five conservative House members, there was great gnashing of teeth from both liberals and the Brotherhood’s growing squad of conservative cheerleaders.


When will Americans, ultimately responsible for the governance of the Republic, demand that tempers be quieted, the sea be calmed, and character and human respect befitting us be restored to the conduct of our public business?

Israel and America are convenient justifications for Muslims to kill other Muslims in the name of Allah. When Bin Laden wanted to overthrow the Saudis, he made war on them as the pawns of America.

The president’s words, “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen” revealed his natural way of thinking. What is the origin of his collectivist belief?

APRIL 21, 2014

What Bloomberg doesn’t yet realize is that people are catching on that his version of “gun safety” is in fact, gun confiscation

Ironically, the awards for stories about secret government programs were decided by juries which conducted their discussions in secret.

Diana West Queries Andrew Bostom About His New Book, Iran’s Final Solution For Israel

What are the facts behind Cliven Bundy's defiant stand against Federal authority in Nevada? Who is the real lawbreaker? Is Bundy a David facing a Goliath?

MARCH 18, 2014

Denying helicopters for Egypt punishes military, helps Muslim Brotherhood

Seidman is quite clearly a member of a university club that believes the dysfunction of government is a least partially due to the Constitution’s role in public life, e.g. free speech and gun control.

James Madison, a preeminent political intellectual of his time, had words of wisdom that have not lost their potency or their relevance to our tumultuous and confusing times.

In order for us to participate in every spectrum of conflict from humanitarian operations to nuclear engagement, we must be ready and effective at every point along that continuum, and we can never fail in nuclear operations.

TAKE POLL Do you think President Bush was more poorly treated by the press than Obama, as outlined in this FSM article?

The stakes are enormous. It has been said that with Ukraine Russia can be an empire; without Ukraine Russia cannot be one.

It’s hard to keep up with the Russian propaganda over the Ukraine, but a fascinating article, “Playing by Putin’s tactics,” examines some of it.

FEBRUARY 22, 2013

The Times is the voice of American liberalism. Its voice is turning into an old man's croak. It stands on the street corner. "Paper, Mister? Buy a paper?"


Let’s clarify things for those folks with the unseemly desire to offer up their personal sovereignty to some government hack. Unlike Hollywood geniuses better known for exposing their breasts than exposing their brains, I'll never pledge to be a servant of any politician.

Silencing, by means legal or extra-legal means, free speech that criticizes Islam or any other belief system is where "hate speech" laws inexorably lead. It is exactly where the OIC and Islamic ummah want them to lead.

An alternative economic ecosystem based on local enterprise and building community resilience is slowly self-organizing.

Given the propensity of leftists to shamelessly engage in such ploys and spew their vile propaganda rather than working to address the burgeoning problems facing America, it has once again become necessary to recall the original facts in order to cut through the murk.

Why would the Obama administration send twenty F-16 fighter jets to Egypt in the wake of the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak with whom the deal was struck in 2010 and in light of the fact that man now in charge, Mohammed Morsi, is a rabid anti-Semite and enemy of Israel?

Across the country, with aggressive lobbying by the White House itself, Democrats are working to destroy tens of thousands of good-paying jobs and the firms that created them. Assault rhetoric has lasting real-world consequences.

Anti-gun advocates in and out of government love the term "assault weapon" precisely because it demonizes gun makers and gun owners.

MAY 15, 2015

Those poor, victimized killers; they’re only killers because of our distorted perceptions of them. If we didn’t pin “Kick Me, I’m a Killer” signs on their backs, they wouldn’t be killers.

The former first couple has been collecting money from friends and admirers for years

An embarrassing moment for the author occurred almost a half-century ago yet is remembered as if it were yesterday.

I had been invited by the former Sheriff of Hennepin County, Pat McGowen, to teach a continuing education course on radical Islam to his Deputies.

OCTOBER 23, 2014

Journalism has changed into a form of espionage that benefits the Islamic terrorists anxious to kill us.

The lull in the coverage of all things Islamic was broken by two terrorist attacks in Canada, a reminder that so long as the world does not unite to destroy the Islamic State, we shall all remain vulnerable.

Notably, the document discloses that emails between AG Holder and his wife – as well as his mother – are being withheld under an extraordinary claim of executive privilege...

Were you aware of how much influence billionaires have on U.S. immigration policy?

A car driven by a suspected Hamas member crashed into a crowd at a light-rail station in Jerusalem Wednesday, killing a three month-old girl and injuring eight others.

Every few years the debate over reforming Islam bubbles up from the depths of a culture that largely censors any suggestion that Islam needs reforming.

As best can be determined at this point, the first Ebola fatality was a boy of two from the town of Gueckedou, Guinea, who died on December 6th, 2013 following a brief illness

Ankara’s seemingly shocking — but welcome — move reportedly allowing Iraqi Kurds to transit through Turkey to reinforce Syrian Kurds battling the Islamic State ...

In fifty days of Gaza conflict, Israel launched 5500 precision air strikes against terror targets. In 70+ days, the US launched less than 500 air strikes in Iraq and Syria against ISIS. Why?

The United States also has seen recent killings by people who cited Islamic ideology as their motivation.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

Remember when Planned Parenthood was cool with secretly recorded video? We do! [pic]

July 28, 2015  08:29 PM

My, how times have changed!

Rep. Jason Chaffetz's call for firing of IRS chief John Koskinen untouched by major newspapers

July 28, 2015  07:30 PM

Chaffetz argues that Koskinen and the IRS "engaged in an orchestrated plan to hide information from Congress."

'Such hypocrisy!' Can you believe what repulsive Cecile Richards just tweeted?

July 28, 2015  07:27 PM

"You R one twisted soul."

'You sick bastard': Bill de Blasio is 'proud to #standwithPP' baby butchers

July 28, 2015  05:36 PM

"You are a monster."

'Are you proud of this garbage?' Slimeball Harry Reid digs in heels for Planned Parenthood

July 28, 2015  04:50 PM

"May God have mercy on your old, cold soul."

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