NOVEMBER 16, 2014

... the most egregious of political correctness stances is the one that maintains that Obama cannot be impeached because of the melanin level in his skin.

NOVEMBER 15, 2014

MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber’s comments regarding the “stupidity of the American voter” have sparked outrage.

For performing his patriotic duty, Wirt was branded a liar by committee Democrats, smeared by the press and even ridiculed by Roosevelt himself...

NOVEMBER 14, 2014

Then the plane flew over the blind ship a dozen times. Basically, it was “Nyah, nyah, nyah.”

NOVEMBER 13, 2014

A former U.S. Air Force Academy graduate, Mikey Weinstein. Weinstein now has an Army ROTC program in his sights.

The truth is that CAIR is a terrorist front group with extensive links to foreign and domestic Islamists.

We want the world to see the Christian community is partnering with us and is supporting our religious freedom in the same way we are calling for religious freedom for all minorities in Muslim countries.

NOVEMBER 12, 2014

How can anyone in the Obama Administration think they can sell such an obviously unbalanced agreement to the public?

The press is reporting that Communist China has engaged in more computer hacking, this time of employee data at the U.S. Postal Service.

Jerusalem is the epicenter of the latest wave of violence, particularly the Temple Mount, which has been used in incessant propaganda campaigns by Hamas in Gaza...

Monday, many celebrated the 25th anniversary of the day the Berlin Wall came down

U.S. political and military leaders continue to think of cyber threats narrowly... This failure of strategic imagination is a major catastrophe in the making.

...a Muslim attacker did what songs, cartoons and posters distributed by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas encouraging “Car Jihad” had been telling him to do. He ran her over with a Mazda van.

What manner of barbarism is this? And what manner of cowardice refuses to denounce it, preferring games of political correctness?

ISIS has made a friend of horror; we fear it and they know it.

A weakened military invites the deaths of more Amerian troops in future wars

Woodrow Wilson, generations before Obama was born, enunciated the same political premises and practiced the same abuses of executive power as Barack Obama does now.

The Khorasan group, moderate rebels, and other mythical creatures

NOVEMBER 11, 2014

I called it a tour de force and placed it at the heart of terrorism studies by citing it as a critical contribution to the canon of texts. Why so?

The negotiations with Iran regarding a nuclear program it insists is only for peaceful use were supposed to be concluded in July...

One of Obamacare’s key architects has admitted that a “lack of transparency” helped the administration pass the disastrous healthcare law.

“Pure Mohammadan Islam”: This is what ISIS promises to deliver once the caliphate has defeated “Infidel” enemies and secured its position.

On Saturday, Nov. 8, the Bullock Texas History Museum will open its newest exhibition, "Fly Girls of WWII," on view through Feb. 1, 2015.

Defenders of Israel’s conduct of this summer’s war in Gaza got a significant boost when General Dempsey endorsed Israeli policies and procedures saying that Israel went to “extraordinary lengths” to prevent civilian casualties.

St. Martin was adopted as a saint to the military and his day falls on November 11th, the same day as Armistice Day and now Veterans Day. Is this a coincidence, or something more?

NOVEMBER 10, 2014

How grateful are we, and what price do we pay, are we willing to pay for the service of others who defend our nation?

President Barack Obama has traveled to Beijing to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting which kicked off Monday.


The Color of Courage is a rare and vivid day-by-day eyewitness account by a young boy who becomes a man far too soon under the brutal Nazi German occupation of Poland.

The latest news out of the University of North Carolina about bogus classes and inflated grades involving more than 3000 students over two decades has to be of great concern.

CBS executives intentionally hiding a clip from the day after the Benghazi attacks with President Barack Obama refusing to admit Benghazi was a terrorist attack.

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November 24, 2014  06:32 PM

"Wow. Classy stuff."

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"Can't stop laughing'!

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Small business development is not the top issue on people's minds today.

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November 24, 2014  03:53 PM

Have they stopped reading the New York Times at the White House?

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November 24, 2014  02:46 PM

Nice little revolving door the administration's got there.

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