115 Dead Americans Congress Should Get to Know

by PF WAGNER March 19, 2018

In accommodating and supporting illegal aliens, many if not most members of Congress appear not to give a damn about all the Americans who have been sexually assaulted, seriously injured, killed, or murdered by illegal aliens.  Below is a poster that shows 115 Americans, by name and state, who were killed by illegal aliens. Most people, and even the media, only know of - or ever talk about - a few. The rest of the victims are mostly unknown and forgotten, except by their bereaved families and friends.


The first victim posted is Kate Steinle. While most people know of her, that was a tragic accident that never should have happened, as it was committed by a 5-time deported illegal alien who accidentally discharged a loaded gun that was stolen from the car of a GOVT employee.

Min Chan in North Carolina? He was the only son of legal Chinese immigrants. The UNC student was killed coming home from school by a drunk-driving illegal alien driving 100MPH the wrong way on the freeway and who had been previously deported 17 times. That is not a typo.

The Armstrong family of Virginia and most of the Ceran family in Utah were killed by drunk driving illegal aliens.

Three members of the Bolgna family were murdered coming home from a family picnic by an illegal alien MS-13 gang member who had mistaken them for rival gang members.

Holly Rogers, 20, of Alabama? She was killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien, whose blood-alcohol was three times the legal limit and who was going the wrong way down the divided boulevard.

Jamiel Shaw Jr, 17, of California?  The talented HS football player, who was being prospected by Rutgers and Stanford Universities, was walking home from a nearby mall in the sanctuary metropolis of Los Angeles.  Two blocks from home, two illegal alien gang members jumped out of a car and confronted Shaw, asking him what gang he belonged to. When he did not answer quickly enough, they shot him twice.  One of the perpetrators, an illegal alien Dreamer, had just been released from jail that day.  Hearing the shots, his father rushed out to find his son bleeding to death in the street.  Jamiel Shaw Jr. was rushed to a hospital, where he later died.

Sheriff's Deputy Josie Fox of Utah? The deputy was killed during a routine traffic stop by a drug-dealing, illegal alien using an AK-47.

Jennifer Lee Hampton, 21, of Tennessee? The former homecoming queen and hardworking and wholesome waitress was staying in a Days Inn in Knoxville when an illegal alien working at the motel used his master room key to enter her room late one night. He beat her, raped her, strangled her to death and then dumped her body in the nearby lake.

Best friends Alison Kundhardt, 17, and Tessa Tranchant, 16, were in a car stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to change when an intoxicated illegal alien traveling over 70 miles hour in a 45 mph zone, slammed into the back of their car. Tessa died at the scene and Alison was transported to Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital, where she died in her mother's arms.

Aniceto Armendariz of Colorado? The husband, father of four, Catholic deacon, and Hispanic community leader was murdered by two illegal aliens using a shotgun in a case of mistaken identity. They were trying to kill someone else.

23-year-old University of Colorado student Susannah Chase? She was kidnapped on the University of Colorado campus, raped, and beaten to death by an illegal alien.

Mary Nagle of New York, the last one depicted, and a wife and mother of two? An illegal alien day laborer was convicted of raping, sodomizing, bludgeoning, choking and stabbing her to death in the bedroom of her New City home. He then used her cellphone to call her friends and relatives and boast about what he had done.

I could go on and on, and there have been many other gruesome crimes committed by illegal aliens that are actually more horrendous than those last two examples.

115... sounds like a lot but this is just a SMALL sampling of one of the tragic consequences of illegal immigration. For a better understanding of the carnage happening all across America, multiply the number of these victims, DEAD AMERICANS, killed by an illegal alien by 250 - 500. NO ONE really knows the actual number of Americans sacrificed on the altar of illegal immigration because our government doesn't track or report on it, like in the FBI's Uniform Crime Report which reports on every other aspect of crime.

I once filed a FOIA with the DOJ/FBI asking about that and they replied, "because Congress has not told us to." Maybe Congress hasn't because they don't want citizens to know the full impact of illegal immigration on America and its people, as Congress is responsible for allowing the resultant carnage to occur.

By not fulfilling their Constitutionally-mandated responsibilities, members of Congress are complicit and thus have the blood of the victims on their hands.

BTW, the accompanying montage of photographs are on a 24" x 36" poster. Vista Print will print it out for about $10. Maybe you can print up a few and post them on your Congress persons' office door in the Capital.

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