9/11: The Aftermath

by SHARI GOODMAN September 9, 2016

Fifteen years ago on 9/11, the Islamists declared war upon us when they slammed two hijacked passenger planes into the New York World Trade Center and one into the Pentagon.  A fourth plane, United Flight # 93, was brought down by the passengers over Pennsylvania. 

Although the Muslim Brotherhood has been on our shore carrying out their stealth "civilizational Jihad" for decades prior to the attack, 9/11 marked the first violent physical attack on our home front.  That attack was significant in its scope and effect.  Far from being the wakeup call it should have been, the Washington political establishment with the aid of the media has pulled the wool over the eyes of Americans.  Consequently, their mission to establish an Islamic Caliphate  continues unabated.

Since 9/11, millions of Muslims have entered our shore setting up mosques throughout the country along with Islamic charter schools (madrasses) paid for by American taxpayers.  Throughout our land, veiled women in Islamic garb are now part of the American environment.  The hundreds if not thousands of Muslim Brotherhood front groups posing as civic organizations serve to remind Americans that Muslims are a protected privileged class whose demands for Sharia compliance must be honored by the rest of us non-believers.   Our children are indoctrinated at an early age through Common Core in the false historical portrayal of Islam as a religion of peace and fulfillment.  Currently the Muslim Brotherhood has formed a political block to encourage and support Muslim political candidates at the local, state, and national level with the aim of influencing public policy. 

Who will stop them?  Our political elites from both sides of the aisle have sold the United States out from under us.  Led by behind the scenes billionaires, their globalist policies and back room trade deals have transferred huge amounts of our resources, manufacturing jobs, and real estate holdings to foreign interests whose values and political ideologies are in conflict with our own. 

Hussein Barack Obama who proudly wears a ring proclaiming "I have no other God but Allah" began a policy of expediting the influx of Muslims in to our cities and towns, and Hillary Clinton with the millions in donations from Muslim petro dollars has promised to continue Obama's legacy by bringing in millions more for resettlement in hundreds of cities around the country.  Much like Europe and not far behind, our immigration policies are formulated without our consent and which are not in our interest. 

As we silently watch the continuing invasion of our homeland, the loss of what we used to have is very apparent.  The America we once knew continuous to slip away from us.  My baby boomer generation will be able to live out its last vestige, but a future of freedom for our children and grandchildren is at stake.  There is promise on the horizon to put a stop to the stampede if Donald Trump is elected to the Presidency in November.   He has stated he will halt Islamic immigration and bar entry for those who are hostile to our values and way of life.  Although it will not stop the stealth "civilizational Jihad" currently under way, it is a good first step in an effort to stop the bleeding.

9/11 was an ACT of War.  We have yet to acknowledge it, much less defeat it.


Shari Goodman, M.Ed. is an educator and activist.  Her articles have appeared in Family Security Matters,  Atlas Shrugs, Israel Today, and the L.A. Times.

The views expressed here are solely the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of Act! For America or any other organization.

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