A Cry for Help from Great Britain

We’ve discussed it many, many times, but it bears repeating: Great Britain is losing its soul as a nation. Many would say it is already lost. I certainly was not encouraged by what I saw during my recent trip there, in which I interviewed wanted Islamic terrorists who are living off welfare benefits from the state. It was depressingly obvious that radical Islam is making massive inroads with the apparent indifference of much of the British government (with the notable exceptions of Baroness Caroline Cox and Lord Pearson, to name a very select few). Some I spoke to believe that Britain will be home to self-governing Islamic enclaves in the not-too-distant future. The British Left’s decades-long jihad on the country’s traditional Judeo-Christian heritage is working to perfection, leaving many indigenous Brits uninspired, indifferent, ultra-secular and ashamed of their identity and proud history. Meanwhile, waves of Muslim immigrants are arriving on the shores of Great Britain with religious zeal and a clearly defined mission: total Islamization.
Lacking cultural confidence and intimidated into silence by a politically correct government that appeases Muslims at every turn, far too few Brits are fighting back. I recently had dinner in London with leaders from one group that is: the English Defense League, or EDL. The EDL is a multi-ethnic group of proud Brits who are taking a stand against the Islamikaze conquest of their neighborhoods and nation. They are pro-Israel and anti-racist and openly invite patriotic non-jihadist Muslims to join their ranks (slim pickings there, I’m afraid). I think of the EDL as, ironically enough, sort of a British version of the American Tea Party movement. Only instead of high taxes and big government, their focus is on turning back the Islamization of English society (which, to me, is obviously the far more pressing issue). Like the Tea Partiers, the EDLers are mostly non-political average guys, many of them working class, who are fed up with their government’s encouragement of destructive policies: namely, its complicity in the spread of Islamic sharia law in Great Britain.  
The British government, not surprisingly, is attempting to stifle the EDL at every turn. Last weekend, EDL members staged a non-violent rooftop protest at the site of a planned mosque in the town of Dudley that whipped local Islamists into a frenzy (it doesn't take much). Thanks in part to the EDL's efforts, the mosque plan has now been scrapped. But the victory was fleeting. I'm reprinting a desperate e-mail that I received last night from an EDL supporter in Great Britain describing the current scene. See below:   
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:10).
Things are starting to get out of control over here in Britain, any help you can provide in publicizing our plight would be remembered. The British authorities are treating the EDL protestors from the mosque site shamefully.  I am told that charges vary from burglary with intent to damage, to religious hatred. The latter always seems to be applied to those who criticise Islam and never to those who criticise, lampoon, and mock Christianity who do so with complete impunity. I understand that the ‘Rooftop Two’ are being held at HMP Hewell, Redditch, South Birmingham, Worcester.
I could not imagine Muslim protesters against Christianity being treated in such a way. I understand that one of the protestors is in a bad way, allegedly at the hands of the police and has a black eye and a broken arm.  It would also appear that they have been remanded in custody on the grounds that they would cause public order offences if released. Contrast this with alleged Muslim perpetrators of violence
There are some suggestions that a police officer was seen to be beaten to a near pulp by Muslims and that police managed to arrest the main perpetrator. Apparently Muslim activists said that if he was not released then they would riot in the town. I understand that they also threatened to riot if the ‘Rooftop Two’ were not removed from their position. Shortly afterwards I hear that they were tazered by police and arrested. This as far as I am aware is unprecedented. It suggests that the police respond the Islamic pressure as though Islam is the source of the laws that they seek to enforce.
It seems that the British establishment are now openly at war with the British people. This is completely unacceptable! There seems to be official institutional racism against those who consider themselves English at the behest of some people who consider themselves to be Muslim. This cannot be allowed to continue, the English are being persecuted and maltreated in their own country.
We have heard that the brothers of one of the political prisoners reports that he is now on hunger strike.
Please help publicise this injustice as much as you can, the media here are not touching it. It would be good to get this in the public eye for tomorrow which is election day. The elite wants to push the important issue of the spread of sharia norms and the persecution of non Muslims under the carpet...
Please help if you can.
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Erick Stakelbeck is a terrorism analyst for CBN News.

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