A Letter to Nancy Pelosi

by RAYMOND S. KRAFT August 14, 2008
Dear Ms. Nancy Pelosi,
T. Boone Pickens says we're spending $700 billion a year to import oil, about the same as the entire cost of the Iraq war, every year. But the Nancy Pelosi Congress obstructs drilling for American oil and goes on vacation, doing nothing about it for another five weeks while Nancy Pelosi goes on a book tour.
At $50,000 a job, that $700 billion means 14,000,000 American jobs are being exported to OPEC and other countries we're buying oil from. If we produced all our own oil, that would mean $700 billion a year re-invested in the U.S., a pretty good stimulus package, and 14 million more American jobs for Americans.
That's enough new jobs to slash our unemployment rate to zero, slash our trade deficit to zero, and eliminate the strategic threat of oil embargos from OPEC, Iran, or Russia.
We aren't "addicted to oil," we're "addicted to energy," just as we're "addicted" to food and water. Without food, we die. Without water, we die. Food and water are energy for people. Oil is energy for transportation and industry. Without energy, economies die. If you want to use less coal and oil, then why don't you support nuclear power with zero CO2 emissions?
Why did Bill Clinton and Al Gore and John Kerry collude to shut down the Integral Fast Reactor project in 1993 (Argonne National Laboratory, led by physicist Charles Tell Ph.D.), that would have produced 100 times as much nuclear energy from a pound of uranium as the old reactors do, and by reprocessing spent fuel, would have produced no high level nuclear "waste?" Why don't you ask Bill, Al, and John, and let us know?
When you took office as Speaker you promised to have a National Energy Policy in 100 days. Well, it's been almost two years, and what do we have?
A national "no-energy non-policy." Why is the Nancy Pelosi Congress stuck on stupid?
Raymond S Kraft
Loomis, Placer County
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