Americas New Twenty Step Recovery Program

by GENERAL (RET) TOUJOURS L'AUDACE September 19, 2017


A very un-PC view of the world from our very un-PC General (Ret) Toujours L'Audace    

First,  "nuke" (take out) Pakistani sanctuary terror camps.

Second, set conditions of victory in Afghanistan based on Islamo terrorists being dead and the heck with nation building.

Third, build the wall.

Fourth, deport all illegals. That is "ALL". Especially members of the Muslim Brotherhood here illegally or engaging in illegal subversion.

Fifth, establish boot camps run by retired cops and retired military and fill them with drug street gang members by enforcing truancy laws.

Sixth, close 25 government agencies or bureaus and cut regulations 25%.

Seventh, place a moratorium on new immigrants.

Eighth, cut tax rates to 25% max.

Ninth, get rid of any restriction on buying health insurance meaning you like your Obama care? Keep it.

Don't like it? Get rid of it and now it's your choice to buy what you want.

Tenth, bring $2 trillion in overseas profits home and tax at 10% if invested here and from the cash also use $100 billion a year for ten years to issue private bonds to fund infrastructure rebuilding.

Eleventh, cut off all Iran or DPRK direct or indirect banking connections to USA especially through China.

Twelve, jail all those funding violent demonstrations of those interfering with free speech.

Thirteen, arrest George Soros after building criminal case based on RICO statute violations re inciting violence and if possible put in Mexican jail. Mexico gets his money in return they pay for the wall.

Fourteen, sink any Iranian vessel making threats to USA navy.

Fifteen build robust missile defenses and tell Chinese to stuff it if they don't like it.

Sixteen, increase defense spending by at least $70 billion a year and sign into law Congress passed $700 billion a year defense budget.

Seventeen, cut off North Korean oil shipments.

Eighteen, cut off all assistance to sanctuary cities or states. Deport all those engaging in subversion of USA constitution. Stop building mosques until Islamic Trust fully vetted.

Nineteen, establish work requirement for welfare or poverty program recipients.

Twenty, if you have any questions start over at the top and repeat.

Thank you for your support and for MAGA!

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