BREAKING: ISIS Tried to Plan France-Style Truck Terror Attack in Times Square

November 22, 2016

A Brooklyn man has been busted for plotting a Nice-like attack on Times Square, according to a complaint unsealed Monday.

Mohamed Rafik Naji, 37, is charged with traveling to Turkey and Yemen between March and September of last year in an effort to join ​ISIS, court papers filed in Brooklyn federal court say.

He was caught on wiretapped recordings talking days after the truck-and-guns attack in France discussing carrying out a similar strike in Times Square.

"I was saying if there is a truck, I mean a garbage truck and one drives it there to Times-Square and crushes them shshshshshsh...Times-Square day," he allegedly told a confidential source on July 19.

"They want an operation in Times-Square, reconnaissance group already put out a scene, the Islamic State already put up scenes of Times-Square, you understand. I said that was an indication for whoever is smart to know​."

Naji traveled overseas several times but expressed problems crossing into ISIS-controlled areas in Yemen.

"It's very hard to get in I'm on my 5 try its difficult mad po po military and ppl here very scared," he allegedly emailed his girlfriend in the US.

Naji also hit his lover up several times for cash to fund his terrorist endeavors.

"Hunny 1 last favor $2 grand for plane ticket and to get back I promise I'll pay u back when I get there," he wrote her on April 4, 2015. "It's hard then [sic] I th​​ought m [sic] tired hiding n mountains for 3 weeks it's very very hard wallah," he added using the Arabic expression for "I promise by God."


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