CAIR Stalks UCF Professor

by ALAN KORNMAN October 9, 2013

On October 1, 2013 The Council On American Islamic Relation's Samantha Bowden drove 85 miles from her home in the Tampa, FL area to the University of Central Florida.  Ms Bowden's objective was to stalk Professor Jonathan Matusitz during one of his classes.

Upon being interviewed the next day, Samantha Bowden admitted to have intruded Dr. Matusitz's classroom.  Ms. Bowden is currently under police investigation.

A police report was filed against Ms. Bowden because  Section 228.091, FL. Statute., enacted by Ch. 68-3  addresses specific violations on non-university persons accessing instructional areas of State Institutions without proper permissions. 

The University of Central Florida regulations mirrors the relevant Florida Statutes,

(5)  Only students registered for a class may be in attendance in instructional areas unless permission of the instructor is given. The instructor as the designee of the Vice President for Administration and Finance is authorized to warn non-students that they are trespassing and must leave the area of instruction or be arrested for trespass. Any such incident will be reported to the University Police. Non-university persons are not allowed in classroom buildings unless present on authorized university business.

To follow is Dr. Matusitz's account of the CAIR stalking incident on 10/1/2013.

"On October 1st, 2013, in my 12:00 p.m.-1:15 p.m. class (Communication Building, room 111).  As I started teaching my class, I noticed that a female stranger was sitting at the back of the classroom. That person never asked me if she could enter my class and sit in the back of the classroom.

When I approached her, that person introduced herself as Samantha. Because Samantha is not one of my students, I asked her to leave.  In the beginning, she was insisting to stay in my class. I had to ask her a few times before she finally left.

A few minutes after she left, I recognized that "Samantha." Her full name is Samantha Bowden, Communication and Outreach Director of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (see website below). She is based in Tampa. She is not a UCF student and never was a UCF student.

Now, a question looms large: Why is a high-profile CAIR representative stalking me in one of my classes? Indeed, Samantha Bowden entered my class without asking me and without obtaining any authorization.

Samantha's presence and observation of my class on October 1st, 2013 were violations of Florida Statutes. I felt threatened by her actions. So, I filed a report with the UCF Police Department."

If Samantha Bowden should stalk Dr. Matusitz again on the UCF campus, she will be arrested "without further warning pursuant to law."

Samantha Bowden and Hassan Shibly Should Be Fired

The Council On American Islamic Relations bills itself as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) civil rights organization.  CAIR-FL Director Hassan Shibly must have known his employee Samantha Bowden would be targeting and violating the civil rights of Dr. Matusitz at his place of employment by entering restricted areas violating Florida Statutes and UCF Regulations.   If Hassan Shibly did not know Ms. Bowden would be stalking Dr. Matusitz ,he has an obligation to fire Samantha Bowden immediately for her actionable behaviors.

Shibly and Bowden have been conducting a five-month-long smear campaign against Dr. Matusitz which has been embarrassingly unsuccessful.  Frustrated by their repeated failures, CAIR-FL could possibly have concluded its only option left was to illegally enter Dr. Matusitz's private classroom for purposes only known to them.

Watch this VIDEO where Samantha Bowden is asked specifically about stalking Professor Matusitz.  This VIDEO footage was filmed at a UCF Muslim Student Association (MSA) rally targeting Professor Matusitz one day after Ms. Bowden was caught stalking the Professor.

Ironically, on the same day Samantha Bowden was illegally trespassing and stalking Dr. Matusitz, her boss Hassan Shibly, was giving an interview where he said, "I was always passionate about seeking justice, for those that are wronged..."  In this case, Mr. Shibly's employee Samantha Bowden "wronged" Dr. Jonathan Matusitz,  by illegally stalking him in his classroom.    The very next day on the UCF campus, Ms. Bowden, incriminated herself on video at a rally attacking the same professor she stalked a day earlier.

Will CAIR Right This Wrong?

The only ways to seek justice and right this wrong Mr. Shibly, is for you to fire Samantha Bowden.  Next, you and Ms. Bowden should personally apologize to Professor Matusitz, Dean Johnson, and UCF President Dr. John Hitt for violating the UCF regulations by stalking Professor Jonathan Matusitz in his classroom.

Conclusion - The FBI's Designation of CAIR

"In 2008, the FBI developed a policy on its interactions with CAIR based in part on evidence presented during the 2007 trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development.* The evidence at trial linked CAIR leaders to Hamas, a specially designated terrorist organization, and CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the case. The policy was intended to significantly restrict the FBI's non-investigative interactions with CAIR and to prevent CAIR from publicly exploiting such contacts with the FBI."

The University of Central Florida's Board of Trustees should follow the actions of the FBI and sever all ties to the Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  The UCF Board of Trustees should consider the appropriate action of restricting all Student Government Organizations from affiliating with CAIR National and its state run franchises in accordance with FBI guidelines.

Family Security Matters Contributing Editor Alan Kornman is the regional coordinator of The United West-Uniting Western Civilization for Freedom and Liberty. His email is:

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