by JIM HORN May 19, 2017

With FBI Director Comey's firing, many thoughts come to mind: Draining the Swamp and his being the tip of a turd one of them. Other adjectives arise, and everyone is echoing everyone else: SLATE trumpeted that the Trump White house was lying; the Mexican owned New York Times harrumphed and whined about the Russian connection to Trump, etc.

            It seems that President Trump and his team have amateurishly kept changing their stories and this makes them look worse than uncoordinated, foolish, and lacking discipline.  Not good.

            What about the Russians?  Since 1917, Russia, or the Soviet Union, has been involved in American politics as they have been all over the world.  

The USA has itself been involved in the politics of every country in the world, including Russia at one time or another, in one way or another, including assassinating presidents, and Saddam's hanging.

            Why are the NY Times, the Democrats, the Socialists, the Communists, George Soros and so many others not harping about how China bought the election of Slick Willie in 1992?  Where are they on the millions of Middle Eastern dollars that flowed into the campaign of Barak Hussein Obama in 2008? And what about the additional Middle Eastern multiples of millions that found their way into Hillary's various foundations, PACs and campaign coffers in 2016?  Not a whisper.!.!

Only weeks ago, the left led by Senator Chuck Schumer was calling for Comey's scalp, and now the hypocrites led by Chuckie (Alligator Tears) Schumer are calling the firing into question.  Clearly schizophrenia is arising, but that's what one often finds inside of the "beltway" - or is it the swamp?

            The Trump White House stated that the President had lost confidence in Comey to adequately perform his duties.  A loss of confidence means that he lacked integrity, used bad judgment, lied under oath, and more.  Comey had violated his charter to be a neutral, unbiased investigator and played politics in a crucial election. Comey had become investigator, judge and jury. He reportedly usurped the authority of the useless Attorney General, Loretta Lynch who was getting instructions from Both Obama and Willie Clinton on how to influence the election in favor of Hllary.

I would suggest that getting conflicting directions from the Obama White House, the Lynch/Willie Clinton team and other factors may have contributed to some of his bizarre actions. There also are the connections or close ties between Comey, Lynch, HSBC Bank, the Clinton Foundation; and after HSBC was cleared of wrongdoing in one investigation, Comey's appointment to a highly paid position at HSBC. This no doubt impacted on his failure to fully investigate Hillary's handling of TOP SECRET, Eyes Only super sensitive information and giving her a ‘bye'.  I held all of those super security clearances, and had I done a smidgen of what Hillary did, I'd have landed in a federal penitentiary.  Comey's is the highest level of willful negligence and corruption from the nation's Top Cop! OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Hillary still needs to be thoroughly investigated not only for her willful compromising of sensitive intelligence, but for her more than sketchy financial activities.

There is no doubt that some of what Hillary had on her unsecure bathroom located server got into not only Russian, but Iranian, Arab, Chinese, Pakistani, North Korean, Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS and dozens of other's hands. I believe that her crass disregard of her sworn duties and responsibilities as our top Diplomat led to the deaths of many people leaving blood on Hillary's hands.

            One of the first questions now is who will be selected to replace Comey - another connected Washington insider, or a person of honesty and integrity such as Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, or Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke?

            Typically, FBI Directors have been lawyers.  As a child, I heard all about J. Edgar Hoover and his intrepid FBI who chased down spies and criminals to save the nation.  Later, I learned that Hoover was of questionable character when he used his agents to discredit Martin Luther King and portray him as a pimp, among other things. The bottom line, I feared the FBI.

            Later, when I first became a part of the government and was starting to realize that the world was not perfect, I encountered FBI agents who were less than stellar, who hid behind and used their law degrees and FBI credentials to intimidate others.

Over the years, I've learned that I could often trust used car salesmen more than I could some lawyers/liars.


            With all the money and talent invested in the FBI, it does NOT serve the American people well, if at all.

            One of the current headlines asks if the FBI will ever smash the Islamofascist jihadis, the Moslem Brotherhood (sworn to destroy our nation), the unindicted criminal enterprise Hamas America (dba CAIR), the Moslem Students Association, al Qaeda and ISIS in America and the dozens of other Constitution haters (The FBI's primary function is to protect our bedrock, the Constitution). FAIL!

            The FBI is conflicted at best with good guys vs. bad guys in the halls.  The FBI is severely compromised and corrupted [Read the fascinating book "INFILTRATED" by Paul Sperry which clearly identified how sharia compliant Islamists have largely gained operational control of the FBI as well as other agencies charged with our national security].  This has brought paralysis and inefficiency to the FBI in a scale that would shock even a kindergartner.

            Just a very few of the FBI's conflicts:

-  When a CIA officer got off of a plane in New York, the FBI arrested him because he had apparently provided alcoholic beverages to Moslems in Iraq.  I passed out alcoholic beverages to Moslems in Moslem countries as part of my duties as a ‘bag man' for the Embassies where I worked.

-  An American of Syrian descent, Wafa Sultan debated some Islamist Imams on live TV and seriously humiliated them. Within hours, she started receiving some seriously violent death threats. Frightened, she picked up the phone and contacted the FBI's 800 number for help.  (She lived in Riverside County California which has its own FBI jurisdiction). Within hours an Islamist FBI agent from Los Angeles went to her home (way out of is jurisdiction) and very rudely dressed her down as only a nasty, angry misogynist Moslem supremist can to an ‘inferior' Moslem woman).  She became so terrified that she abandoned her house that afternoon;

-  Several American counter-jihadi activists who regularly (I joined them a few times) went to the 3rd Street Promenade (Mall) in Santa Monica to dispense counter-jihadi literature. That location is frequented heavily by Islamists. I noticed a trend in the behavior of the increasingly very angry, threatening Moslems, and sent an alert to the FBI's JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) about possible Islamist violence erupting.  The very next week, the area was 99% Moslem free.  Somebody in the FBI's JTTF Los Angeles office alerted the Islamists who subsequently stayed away for a few weeks.

            With the FBI bowing down to known terrorist organizations and likely terrorists within the FBI, we -- each and every decent American can recognize that we have a crisis, not a problem, a crisis.

The FBI needs to be overhauled from the basement to the top of the flagpole.  An Inspector General cannot accomplish this. Too many Inspectors General in all federal agencies are a part of the problem not the solution in any way. This is likely the same with the FBI. Again, anyone connected inside of the swamp-the beltway would be severely challenged to clean house. A Special Prosecutor or Investigator would likewise be overwhelmed. A group of independent Grand Juries made up of commoners like cops, firemen, ditch diggers, store clerks, etc. tasked with specific areas to be examined could work.

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Jim Horn is a retired Foreign Service Officer who has served internationally for more than twenty-five years as a U.S. diplomat.  He has enjoyed diverse assignments as a visa officer, an administrator, a security officer, and as an official in counter terrorism.

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