Exclusive: 50 State Counterterrorism Research Tour Stops in Nashville

by DAVE GAUBATZ April 28, 2009
Earlier this year, I conducted research at a Somali Islamic Center (Al Farooq) in Nashville. One need only to have studied and understand Counterterrorism 101 to know this Center and its leadership advocates violence against America, which of course includes innocent children of all religions, races, and cultures.
Our researchers have an enormous amount of counterterrorism training; understand the Islamic ideology, the mindset of Islamic terrorist groups, and most importantly, their tactics and methodology of implementing/achieving their goal of forming an Islamic Ummah (Nation) worldwide and under Sharia law. Evidence to support my professional opinion that the leadership and their supporters of Al Farooq pose a serious threat to our national security was provided to senior law enforcement, the Nashville Prosecutor’s office, and to Nashville Child Protective Services. This included video/audio of a child crying because Islamic leaders had been “hitting” the children during Quran and Sharia lessons. This child had also mentioned having a husband (she is seven years old).
It was apparent from the beginning when the Nashville Metropolitan Police Detective (who is “allegedly” the department’s Counterterrorism Specialist) advised he and the Prosecutors office are fearful from lawsuits by CAIR and their supporters, that it is a First Amendment right of Al Farooq to advocate violence against America, and Islamic scholars in Tennessee are authorized to “hit” children during the study of Sharia law if the parents give their permission. I knew it was an uphill battle and Nashville authorities were under the control of liberals and terrorist supporters such as CAIR. It became even more apparent when the Nashville law enforcement “Counterterrorism Specialist” had to Google who Ali Al Timimi is. Timimi is a convicted Islamic terror supporter with very close ties to Saudi Arabia and CAIR. This particular law enforcement Counterterrorism Specialist had more knowledge to share about his “Interfaith” meetings with Nashville Islamic leaders than he could share about even the basic knowledge of Islamic terrorism.
This month, I decided to return to conduct more research on the threats being posed by the Somali leaders/worshippers of Al Farooq, making the visit a part of my 50 state counterterrorism research. Instead of visiting  Al Farooq, I went to locations/businesses I had been provided intelligence on that were controlled by Al Farooq leaders/worshippers and were involved in criminal activity such as money laundering, distributing materials published by Islamic terrorist organizations/individuals calling for the overthrow of America, and who teach their children to “hate” America. I went inside the Somali businesses located in a run down section of Nashville. Some of the employees began questioning my motives for being there, but I was able to still obtain evidence pertaining to illegal activities such as their bootleg DVD operation. One such bootleg copy they sell is titled “the U.S. Citizenship Test.” They also have an isolated Internet café and money transfer businesses inside. Other citizens from Nashville had informed me criminal activity by the Somali businesses had previously been reported to Nashville authorities, but it was ignored. While at the Somali business center (photographs can be seen at www.daveg.us) for a few hours and after convincing one of the store owners I was a Muslim revert, I was able to purchase Wahhabi manuals being distributed at the store.
For each location I visit during the 50 state counterterrorism tour, I will be providing my results in a sworn affidavit, declaring under penalty of perjury, my assessment which is detailed in the affidavits. The purpose for this is to provide my professional assessment in writing and the affidavit can be used by law enforcement or elected officials. The public will always be made aware of my assessments. I encourage them to pursue all legal means to insure authorities completely investigate any Islamic Center I have assessed is involved in advocating violence against innocent men, women, and children, and their leadership/supporters are advocating an Islamic Ummah (Nation) under Sharia law be implemented in America. In addition, any person I identify in the affidavit will have an opportunity to use the sworn statements against me if they believe they are false. The people mentioned in my affidavits can deny my assessment is false, but the public should not let them off so easy with a simple denial. The public should demand these individuals also provide a sworn affidavit.
The affidavits can be viewed at www.daveg.us.
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Dave Gaubatz spent 20 years as an active duty USAF (Special Agent/OSI), 3.5 years as a civilian 1811 Federal Agent, trained by the U.S. State Department in Arabic, and was the first U.S. Federal Agent to enter Iraq in 2003. He is also a counterterrorism counterintelligence officer. Gaubatz currently owns "Wahhabi CT Publications" and conducts CT Research on behalf of high profile non-profit organizations. His website is here, and he can be reached at davegaubatz@gmail.com.

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