Exclusive: A Retired Airline Pilot Speaks Out on Airline Security

by DAVE GAUBATZ February 1, 2010
Since the murders by Islamic terrorists of thousands of innocent people on 9/11, Americans were ensured that our commercial airline safety was drastically improved to prevent future incidents of hijackings and infiltration of the airline industry. This assurance was boldly provided to Americans by elected officials from both political parties and from senior law enforcement agencies. The Transportation Security (TSA) agency vouched their agreement and a sense of security and relief was provided to families who routinely fly domestically and internationally.
There is only one problem with the above scenario. It is a lie and ultimately leads to people having a false sense of security. In reality, our airlines are not safer for our families. They are more vulnerable to attack and infiltration than prior to 9/11. 
Since 2001, Islamic-based terrorist fronts such as CAIR, ISNA, MAS, MANA, MSA, and a half dozen other acronyms of Islamic-based organizations are ensuring our airline safety is jeopardized. They do this by using Saudi-backed money to scare law enforcement, politicians, and innocent people to remain silent about Islamic based terrorism. They use the tactics of intimidation, blackmail, and lawsuits. You will not hear this from senior law enforcement such as the FBI, you will not hear it from your elected officials, and most definitely you will not hear it from the TSA. These executives do not believe the American people can stand to hear the truth. They fear people will demand action from the very executives that falsely give them and their families the false sense of security about airline travel. Essentially if the American people can be duped into believing they are safe to travel, it rescues these executives from having to proactively protect your families. It is often much easier for them to react after an event (such as the Christmas 2009 Detroit incident by an Islamic terrorist and the Fort Hood murders).
For some odd reason Americans feel warm and fuzzy when they see red lights responding to Islamist
attacks such as on 11 Sept. 2001. There are hundreds of elected officials and law enforcement who fight for the media limelight to tell you how fast they responded and they are in place to help our country. Again, the reality was these officials had not been protecting our country for many years and people must remember that when our law enforcement and politicians respond/react to an incident, they failed. No person should have a warm and fuzzy feeling he sees the red lights flashing. You should be pissed off that our system allowed Islamist terrorists and their supporters such as CAIR to win another battle. Put yourself in the place of the parents who lost their children at Fort Hood, Texas. Do you believe they feel good because our government reacted to the murders? Our authorities should have proactively acted months prior to this and today the moms and dads would still have their children. We can no longer pat people on the back and call them heroes for responding to something they should have and could have prevented if they were doing their jobs (protecting our country and children).
During the last year, I have got to know a man whom I respect very much. His professional skills as a commercial pilot (domestic and international) are amazing enough, but more importantly, he is speaking out about the truth of our airline safety. 
Essentially our skies are not safe. I conducted a short interview with “Steve” (see below), who recently retired from American Airlines. Review his responses to our airline security and you decide if you feel safe to have your young son or daughter on board. Our book, Muslim Mafia, warned of the infiltration of our law enforcement, elected offices, and media. Readers should ponder how hard it would be to infiltrate our airline industry. Islamic-based terrorist groups do not rely on conducting future attacks from the outside. They will do it from the most vulnerable vantage point: the inside. My research team and I infiltrated CAIR’s national office for over six months. It was easier to obtain intelligence on terrorist supporters directly than it is to rely on second and third hand intelligence.
Steve flew for American Airlines as Captain and First Officer on both international and domestic routes. He also served for four years as an armed pilot. He started his self-study of Islam/Arabic in 2005 and retired from American Airlines and the DHS/TSA in 2009 to devote his time to preventing the Islamization of America. Steve can be reached at jihadct@gmail.com or through our new internet site at www.muslimmafiainternational.com.
Dave Gaubatz: Steve, based on your years of service as a commercial pilot, do you believe the TSA and other law enforcement agencies have made airline travel safer since 9/11?
Steve: I believe they have created an appearance of increased safety for the purpose of not harming the industry, and while there have been additional “layers” of protection added since 9/11, I believe the potential still exists for aircraft attacks, as the recent Delta/Detroit incident shows. Frisking grandma while ignoring young male Muslims does not offer protection except from lawsuits.
Airports themselves, especially larger terminals such as LAX or MIA, have literally thousands of people who have access to sensitive areas where aircraft and baggage meet. Fuelers, food service workers, aircraft loaders and rampers all have opportunity for either sabotage or the planting of material/weapons to be used later. Can we trust all these hundreds of thousands of workers? Your son was able to penetrate CAIR; how many bad people have penetrated airport operations with legitimate cover? So my answer to the question of skies being safer, I would have to answer no. We have simply been lucky.    
DG: Should all commercial airline pilots be armed?
Steve: As a former armed pilot, my answer is an unqualified yes. We pilots are really the last line of defense in a flight deck takeover as we are the objective. Get us out of there and take our machine. A breached flight deck door calls for only one response, and that is, an armed response.
Also, armed pilots can also (although not as yet) be extra security as they go to and from their daily duties. As history has proved, anything can and probably will happen if you wait long enough. Whoever imagined an armed person shooting off his weapon in a terminal? At LAX several years ago, it did happen. Fortunately, the assailant, (a Muslim) was stopped by an armed El Al airline security officer. That could just as easily have been an armed pilot responding to the situation.
One problem with an armed pilot is that a shoe-bomber or underwear bomber will have no reason to breach the flight deck, so the armed pilot will be sitting in his seat as the weapon explodes. Again, are we really safer?
DG: Do our pilots and crew receive the proper training with regard to understanding the threat posed by Islamic based terrorist groups and their supporters?
Steve: Yes and no. “Yes” refers to the fact that crewmembers get training which is basically, “This is what has happened before, here are some danger signs to look for, and here are some things you can do.” Obviously, I cannot go into any specifics due to security restrictions, but the training is very general and very PC. I would rather see more aggressive methods of keeping these people off airplanes so we do not have to rely on flight attendants to protect passengers (such as the American Airlines shoe bomber incident) or alert and brave passengers to respond (9/11 Flight 93 or the recent Delta/Detroit incident). Of course, no security will be 100 percent infallible 100 percent of the time, so this is the reason for this training.
The “no” portion of my answer refers to the fact that the basis for all these attacks (Islam) is never openly blamed and no ideology is discussed. In fact, I, as well as all other airline employees, had to go review a computer-based program which teaches you to respect other cultures and religions and races, instituted shortly after 9/11, probably in anticipation of a backlash against Muslims in response to that very attack. (No backlash occurred.)
After 9/11 it was totally up to the individual to study up on Islam if he or she chose. I chose to learn all I could about this “religion of peace,” even going so far as to study Arabic so I could read their own words in their own language.
DG: We know the U.S. military, law enforcement, and government offices have been infiltrated by Islamic terrorist supporters. Do you believe it is possible terrorists and/or their supporters have obtained positions as commercial airline pilots? What about on-board crews?
Steve: I am 100 percent sure and sorry to say it, but there probably are a few, just a few, who have been able to go through (or slip through) all the layers of training and background checks in the system pathway that leads to a seat on a commercial flight deck. They could be supporters, but more than likely they are the real thing, terrorists. I know I wouldn’t go through all that training just to be a supporter. These people seek martyrdom in a blaze of glory and 9/11 proved to be the greatest example of this.
As I said previously, I think it more likely that support people will be playing a larger role in future attempts. It takes a great number of people to service the ever-growing size of jetliners, and the sheer increase in size alone of these jets means more hiding places onboard for weapons, bombs, contraband, etc.
DG: I have written about Islamic terrorist supporters “conditioning” the TSA, law enforcement, and the public about being fearful of reporting suspicious behavior. Do you believe crewmembers (to include pilots) are fearful to report or take action if the person acting suspiciously is Muslim?
Steve: I believe that the “conditioning” you mention is working on many people in many places, including high places, but is not, I repeat, not making any pilot or flight attendant be deterred from his/her primary duty and obligation: safety. I know for a fact, as it has occurred with me, that when any crewmember brought forth a concern regarding a passenger, it was investigated thoroughly and fairly in the interest of safety and safety only. If the passenger happened to be a Muslim no consideration was given to anything other than a safe outcome, no mention of religion or worry about being branded as an Islamophobe. My concern is the PC state of, not just the airline industry, but darn near everything and everyone else. No one wants to be sued, especially wrongfully, by terror/hate supporting groups. You are finding out what that’s like in your present situation. But I never would and I know of no crewmember, pilot or flight attendant, who puts PC before safety.
I think the public is starting to come around slowly as they are the ones mainly inconvenienced by the further restrictions placed on us in the name of safety. We must be kept safe from the religion of peace. What an oxymoron!
Author’s note: If readers want to be informed of ‘realities’ of our nations security, keep up with our site at www.muslimmafiainternational.com.
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Dave Gaubatz spent 20 years as an active duty USAF (Special Agent/OSI), 3.5 years as a civilian 1811 Federal Agent, trained by the U.S. State Department in Arabic, and was the first U.S. Federal Agent to enter Iraq in 2003. He is also a counterterrorism counterintelligence officer. He is co-author of the book Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America. His website is here, and he can be reached at davegaubatz@gmail.com.

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