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Editor’s note: This is the next in a continuing series about the forgotten victims of illegal alien crime – weekly stories you do not see in the mainstream media.
America’s Most Forgotten is dedicated to the all of the innocent people and their families who have been victimized by illegal aliens as a result of the refusal of our elected officials to enforce United States immigration law and to secure our borders. Americans remain unprotected from this unwanted invasion of unidentified people from across the world. No region of the country has been spared and the citizens presented come from all walks of life. Crisscrossing the nation, we have a predominantly African-American neighborhood in LA, then we skip to an affluent, successful woman in New York City and then to a rural Mississippi family hoping to escape big city crime and then to a Native American in small town. And on, and on, and on...
Georgia – Jordin Paulder
Nine-year-old child dead after an illegal alien slammed an ax into his forehead twice.
“Ax Embedded in Child’s Head by an Illegal Alien in Georgia”
Did you see this front page headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution or inside The New York Times, USA Today, or anywhere at all in the print media?
You most likely did not read about this child’s barbaric and senseless murder at the hands of a Honduran native. Local media only carried the story for a few days.
No New York Times editorial has been written on the hardships and the suffering of Americans who have lost family members to the actions of violent criminal aliens. The writers have not demanded border security and enforcement of immigration law by the President and the United States Congress because of the loss of this small, defenseless boy and the many, many other Americans dead at the hands of illegal aliens.
Did you hear about this story on the national network or cable television news?
You were not supposed to hear the details of this slaying of a little boy by a deeply disturbed, violent man who had no right to be in this in country.
With her studied, grave demeanor, Katie Couric, anchor of the CBS Evening News, did not tell the nation about the indefensible and preventable loss of the 9-year-old son of American citizens, another victim dead at the hands of unidentified people from across the world who enter our country at will.
An overly dramatic Geraldo Rivera was not rushed to Atlanta to cover the 100 percent preventable slaying of this innocent child or to express his sympathy for the terror the boy must have experienced in the minutes before he died.
CNN is headquartered in Atlanta, but the dogged Nancy Grace did not track down frightened family members and interview them regarding their concerns about the murderer and the rush by officials to close the case.
The following story was underreported, quickly and deliberatively removed from public consciousness, buried in the hopes it would be forgotten.
On a warm spring evening in June, 2007, Jordin Paulder was playing with his 7-year-old brother and a 5-year-old friend in the parking lot of the Chastain Apartments in Sandy Springs, a suburb of Atlanta where his father lived.
A red car drove past the boys with an emergency tire on the rear wheel. Nine-year-old Jordin noticed the wobbly wheel and called out to the driver to warn him he had a bad tire. One of the four or five men in the car became enraged and made an obscene gesture to Jordin. The little boy apologized for his innocent comment.
The man then jumped out of the car and went up to the children. Without warning he slammed Jordin in the nose and forehead with an ax. The brutal force of the second blow left the ax embedded in the same area of Jordin’s face. The terrifying attack occurred in front of Jordin’s brother and his friend. They ran to get Jordin’s father. The red car that had been carrying the man fled the scene. The occupants did not stay to help Jordin or to capture his killer.
Another resident saw Jordin playing earlier in the evening and around 8:30 p.m. she heard Jordin’s father screaming for help for his son. Neighbors thought Jordin had been hit by a car.
The policeman who answered the 911 call found Jordan lying on the ground bleeding profusely from the savage attack. Emergency workers who attended Jordin on the helicopter ride to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital were afraid to dislodge the ax from Jordin’s forehead. Jordin Paulder died an hour after he arrived at the hospital.
A Honduran native, 21-year-old Santos Benigno Cabrera Borjas, was hanging around the murder scene behaving in a suspicious manner. A policeman attempted to question Carbrera Borjas, but he fled to the apartment complex across the street. 
Cabrera Borjas flung a rimmed tire at the officer from a third floor landing, breaking the policeman’s arm. He then charged the officer with a stick with a metal handle. The officer, acting in self-defense, responded to his assailant by shooting him three times. Cabrera Borjas died.
Angel Paulder, Jordin’s mother, explained why Jordin pointed out the wobbly wheel. “Jordin just loved cars and he was just telling that there was something wrong with the car.”
A cross was drawn where Jordin died and neighbors put up a makeshift memorial to the young boy. A neighbor expressed his feelings to local 11Alive reporter, Jennifer Leslie. “There is that helpless, hopeless feeling. Why does stuff like this happen? There’s a lot of anger. I don’t know why someone would do that.”
Young friends in the area who knew Jordin required a counselor to help them deal with Jordin’s death. Some had witnessed paramedics working to save Jordin’s life.
The two boys who witnessed the attack identified Cabrera Borjas as the murderer to police in a photo line up. The police found the red stolen car believed to have been at the scene of the crime and arrested the two juveniles inside.
Little is known of Jordin’s family. They went into hiding after his murder. Angel was worried the other people in the car allowed Cabrera Borjas to be identified as the killer and might come after members of her family. She also worried about Jordin’s 7-year-old brother who witnessed the attack. “He hasn’t dealt with it yet. He doesn’t believe it is real”, Angel told reporters at WSBTV in Atlanta.
Cabrero Borjas, 21 years old, was described by family members “as a troubled young man who had been mentally unstable for about two years”. He had been released from the Fulton County Jail for criminal trespass on the Friday before he committed the inhuman murder of an innocent American child. His immigration status was never questioned by police officials while he was in custody.
Jordin, other victims, their families and American citizens are all the casualties of a media blackout and the refusal of United States government agencies to quantify the heinous acts committed by foreign nationals illegally in this country. This chilling dereliction of duty is consistent with their open borders and amnesty-for-all agenda.
If Obama, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi have their way, you will be paying for the healthcare of unidentified criminal aliens.
Amnesty by any name or any path to citizen for illegal aliens will include violent, abusive criminal aliens.
Americans should not have to live in fear in their own neighborhoods.
Enforcement legislation, passed by a few states, has led illegal aliens to leave because the magnets of jobs and taxpayer benefits have been removed. This is a dirty little secret that elected officials in Washington on both sides of the aisle do not want you to know.
Are you concerned about this epidemic of death at the hands of illegal aliens? Tell your elected officials what you think.
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