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by WALTER ANDERSON September 25, 2008
Step to the Right
Does it seem to anybody else besides me that the media and at times, the Democrat Party, thinks that the Election is between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin? John McCain but McCain seems to be left out of the discussion more and more often.
The reason is semi-apparent but in drawing so much attention to Palin, the Democrats, in my opinion, are making it more and more obvious. Simply said, when John McCain announced his running mate, he took the Obama camp by total surprise. They had been led to believe that the choice was between Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and Joe Lieberman. Palin wasn’t even on their radar (or that of the mainstream media’s). The immediate result was that Palin almost completely knocked Obama off the front page position he held for so many months.
Many people believe and have publicly stated that Palin was a “spur of the moment” decision and that he (McCain) put only a hasty 24 hours into the vetting process. Frankly, I find that difficult to believe. John McCain is not a political novice. Those who were paying attention know that Palin’s name was among those being floated around over the summer, but I think that McCain set up the entire charade with Pawlenty, Romney and Lieberman (with their assistance) to make it appear they were the main three in contention for the position so that he and his team could vet Palin in secrecy.
Once Obama made his move and named Joe Biden as his running mate and the Democrat Convention was through, McCain made his announcement and stole the show away from the Democrats. The Obama camp said that Palin is an unknown. They said she “only” has a bachelor’s degree. Obama supporters in the news media and specifically the blogosphere have tried numerous ways to put her down, even spreading untrue and disgusting rumors.
The people did not care, they like what they see in Sarah Palin. She’s real; a normal person. She speaks as they do. She has a husband with a real job and a family that she takes care of. Many say McCain picked her to offset the fact that Obama did not pick Hillary. I don’t think so, but if Obama had picked Hillary he may have won the election hands down. Frankly, Obama and Hillary didn’t seem to “play well” together and neither seemed to want to risk their political futures on being running mates. I thought that Obama would have picked Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius in order to secure the female vote.
And here it is, several weeks on, and Palin’s followers seem to feel just as strongly about her and Obama still really does not know what to do about it. His supporters have, among other things, accused her 17-year-old daughter of being the mother of Palin’s young son Trig. They have said she charged rape victims for “rape kits” who were residents of Wasilla where she was Mayor. That was not true. To incite the animal rights activists, a story was put out that she passed a law as governor that allowed wolves to be shot from low flying planes when in fact the law was passed years before she became governor by the man she replaced in office. There have been rumors that she was a drug addict, that she underwent an abortion and that she even had an extra-marital affair. None have been substantiated.
A little over a week ago, Palin’s personal email account was “hacked,” allegedly by a 20-year-old son of a Tennessee Democrat state senator and the contents exposed to the public on a slimy website known for its tabloid-style stories. It’s amazing how the focus seems to be on Palin’s “foolishness” for using a Yahoo account, which may account for the relative ease with which the hacker was able to reset the password, rather than the egregious violation of her privacy.
Sarah Palin has added “spark” to the McCain campaign and it shows in the polls. Most show McCain and Obama running even or a few points apart instead of the double digit lead that Obama enjoyed several months back. We will only have a few more weeks to know if that spark will help carry the campaign to victory or not.
Step to the Left
I think it only fair I talk a little about Sen. Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee for Vice President running with Barack Obama. Biden has not been anywhere near as visible as Palin and in fact, some websites were wondering if the campaign was hiding him for some reason. But he’s out there, stumping and getting Obama’s message out to selected voters. The one difference between the Obama/Biden campaign and the McCain/Palin campaign is that we rarely see Obama and Biden together, while we often see the two Republican candidates doing the same event together. Is this is because Obama/Biden want to cover more people or because the styles of Obama and Biden clash and could cause unneeded questions?
Joe Biden has had problems with staying in the area of “truth” in the past: plagiarizing in a speech or two and the pumping up of his academic background. Now a new area of “Biden embellishment” has come to light regarding his background. However, in this case, it may not be Biden who has postulated incorrectly.
Here is the story: Biden claims in his speeches that he grew up in middle-class neighborhoods, first in Scranton, Pennsylvania and then in Wilmington, Delaware which, as far as I can determine, is true. He has stated that the people he grew up with were middle-class, not working-class.
When the newspapers discussed his acceptance speech, they said he talked about his working-class roots, his blue-collar background or his working-class upbringing. Research into Biden’s family background tells us that his family was more than likely “upper middle-class” as opposed even to middle class as his father was an executive in and even co-owner of several businesses. One thing in Biden’s educational background also points to the financial well being of his family is that he attended a Catholic prep type high school, Archmere Academy, that had rather steep tuition based on a yearly figure today that exceeds $18,000. While the news writers build up his “blue-collar” reputation, no doubt because it is more “newsy” than a middle-class upbringing, Biden and Obama both capitalize on it at the stump. It would be easy for Biden to say something like: Hey, I told the truth but nobody was listening and the newspapers got it wrong. Then again, why would he want to do that and upset a good vote grabber from the union workers and the other working-class people who think he was once one of them?
McCain and Obama on the Issues
·         Wants to cut taxes and reduce healthcare and energy costs
·         Wants to help small-business to grow and expand foreign trade
·         Wants to balance the budget
·         Wants to improve Education and put job training programs in place
·         Wants to cut taxes for 95% of workers and increase taxes for the rest
·         Wants to tax oil company profits
·         Wants to expand healthcare access
·         Wants to give tax credit for college tuition
·         Wants to create jobs in renewable energy and government
·         Wants to “renegotiate trade agreements
Looking at the two lists, you will see that the items listed for McCain are based on fiscal conservatism and cost cutting and that the items listed for Obama require spending, which will require tax increases. These lists are only a small part of their platforms, but I believe they represent the highlights.
It is important that they be aware of the possible effects of globalization. We as a country currently have an extremely large debt and without a cost reduction program (tightening of the belt) in all areas, neither candidate will be able to implement new programs and ideas.
Remember the Following Important Dates:
Friday, September 26th – Presidential debate on Foreign Policy and National Security
Thursday, October 2nd – The only Vice Presidential debate
Tuesday, October 7th – Presidential townhall debate where candidates field questions
Wednesday, October 15th – Presidential debate focused on the economy and domestic policies
Until next time…
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Walter Anderson has an extensive background in business, served in the Marine Corps, and is experienced in grassroots political activism. Feedback: editorialdirector@familysecuritymatters.org.

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