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by WALTER ANDERSON July 30, 2008

All the News that’s Fit to Print…But In Whose View?

Much has been said about the brouhaha earlier this month when the New York Times printed an op-ed by Sen. Barack Obama titled “My Plan for Iraq.” A week later John McCain submitted a rebuttal piece to David Shipley, the editor of the op-ed column for the Times who promptly rejected it. Why? It did not mirror Obama’s submission, but McCain could try again as he (Shipley) would be pleased to look at another draft. The Times motto “All the News that’s fit to Print” doesn’t seem apply to when is written by John McCain!
This is a blatant example of how the Times does not agree with McCain and in this manner silences his views. There is a complete copy of the McCain submission in the New York Post (which snapped it up after the Times tossed it to the winds) that clearly shows the disagreement McCain had with Obama’s stance on the war.
I would think that Times would be thrilled to have an article from McCain. Wouldn’t providing both sides of the equation stir reader interest and possibly invite a sort of “newspaper debate” between the two candidates? It makes good business (and editorial) sense. The way I see it, a war is NOT over until someone wins it, preferably your side, because if we left in 16 months as Obama predicts, and it is unfinished (not won) we lose, the terrorists are the victors and the U.S. loses face around the world as well.
Another Clinton Leftover Joins the Obama Stew
Patty Solis Doyle, who started with the Clintons in 1992 and stayed until Hillary replaced her as campaign manager after early showings that were less than acceptable, has joined up with Obama’s crew.
Solis Doyle has several things that the Obama campaign needs: She is Hispanic and a woman as she herself has pointed out, and her brother is an influential Alderman in the Hispanic community in Chicago. Also, because of her longtime association with the Clintons, she knows “all the right people.” (Perhaps this will help to sway unhappy Hillary supporters into Obama’s camp?) Hillary has reportedly wished her well and the Obama camp has welcomed her.
Town Hall-Style Meetings
John McCain’s campaign is still “leaning” on Obama to set up a series of 10 town hall-style meetings around the country this summer with different moderators and questions directed to them from the audience. The questions would be “unfiltered” and direct. The Obama camp is still balking at the idea. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times explains that each side blames the other for requesting unacceptable terms as the reason no meetings have been scheduled…but McCain has accepted several offers from venues to hold meetings and Obama has flatly rejected those offers. Some blogs have opined that Obama is weak in a situation where questions that are flowing free from the audience and is looking for a more structured protocol.
The Underlying Factor in Obama’s Mid-East Trip?
Obama’s recent trip to the Middle East and Europe created a feeding frenzy in the media not unlike sharks being tossed buckets of chum. This is the first trip the Senator/candidate has made in two years and only the second trip in all. Every news site on the Internet carried daily updates on the trip, and the political blogs on both sides have loaded their pages with commentary as well. Don’t forget the massive coverage by the mainstream media, including the three broadcast news anchors hitching a ride with the campaign.
So why did he make the trip? Was it truly a fact-finding mission? Or was it free campaign publicity? Face it; he could probably not afford the publicity he received. And, there was an AP story last week that said he conserved operational dollars in June while collecting in donations more than he spent. McCain, on the other hand, both spent more than he took in and out-spent Obama as well.
The publicity from visuals for Obama could not have been better planned for and he and his people took full advantage of every opportunity they were afforded. McCain and his campaign staff had better get out on the trail with something else in addition to town hall meetings and get his positions known by others than his staunch supporters or he will be in trouble.
Some Advice for McCain - SAY IT SOON!
Say what soon?
How many times have you seen or people refer to McCain and “George Bush number three” or “a McCain term will be just another Bush in the White House”? McCain must come out and deny, as forcefully as he can, that he is not another Bush – yet he must do so with words that people will believe and not offend President Bush at the same time. If he is to remain viable in this race, McCain may want to gently distance himself from the President because of the low approvals the President has. Rightly or wrongly, the association carries over to McCain with ease, thanks to the rhetoric of the Obama campaign.
Obama in Jerusalem
Did you see this recent picture of Barack Obama’s time in Jerusalem? It’s of a campaign sign with the Obama “O” and a picture of Obama, plus his campaign web address and evidently a slogan in Jewish. It was displayed on a fence/barrier along or near the Western Wall where he spoke. I also noticed Obama wore a Kippah, evidently in respect of the occasion at the Holy site.
He did receive some negative response and heckling from the crowd who indicated “Israel was not for sale” etc. Was the heckling was a response for his audacity in having a campaign sign at a Jewish Holy place? The Jewish vote in recent presidential elections went mainly to the Democratic candidate - Al Gore took 79% in 2000. However, a recent Gallup poll shows that fully one-third of Jewish voters currently favor McCain and after his show in Jerusalem it could well be more than that.
Obama in Germany
I listened to a portion of “the speech” on television news Thursday evening and I thought he was attempting to make a pitch for “leader of the world.” I was unimpressed and thought that he should have been directing his efforts to the American public instead to the Germans. His cancelled appearance at a military hospital was seen by many as a snub to our troops, but Obama’s reason was that he thought it inappropriate on a campaign funded trip. The real reason is that his staff found out that the military prohibits photo-ops for campaign purposes at military installations. I think this was a bad judgment call at the very least. Senator Obama, your arrogance and your main concerns are showing!
Fly the “O” Skies
Here is something that has caused a bit of a stir amongst the conservative media and sites on the Internet. When the Obama campaign jet was recently placed back in service, it had been repainted in addition to the repairs and changes to the interior. The new paint job had a huge Obama “O” on the tail fin where an American flag had formerly been, and his campaign slogan printed in large letters along the sides along with the name of the official website. He has retained the required FAA identification numbers and American flag although much smaller than before!
“O” Stands for Olympics?
The Advertising Age website reports that the Obama campaign has bought $5 million worth of television sponsorship of the NBC Olympic Coverage on its network and cable stations. It is the largest TV package buy in at least 16 years. Barack Obama is joining McDonalds, Budweiser and other name brands in bringing us Team USA! The Olympics begin August 8th and the large exposure he will get is sure to be a benefit for the Democrat Convention which starts the 25th of August.
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Walter Anderson has an extensive background in business, served in the Marine Corps, and is experienced in grassroots political activism. Feedback: editorialdirector@familysecuritymatters.org.

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