Exclusive: Eleven Die in Al Qaeda-linked Attack in the Philippines

More often than not, such stories come to us from foreign news agencies. If not for the Internet, we would never know about these incidents, because the U.S. news media do not choose to tell us about these things.
This is certainly the case with this article about the al Qaeda affiliate in the Philippines, Abu Sayyaf, published by the French news agency, AFP.
This article is noteworthy for a variety of reasons:
1. Most Americans are completely unaware that the global jihadist insurgency is waging a violent jihad in the Philippines in which thousands of innocent civilians have been killed over the years.
2. This insurgency flies in the face of those who insist that the source of all jihadi activity is America's support for Israel. No one can make the case that Muslim jihadist terrorists are killing civilians in the Philippines because America supports Israel.
3. The war in the Philippines also goes against the narrative from the "blame America first" crowd on the right and left of the political spectrum that the cause of Jihadi terrorism is the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else. The insurgency in the Philippines pre-dates 9/11, the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, and Operation Enduring Freedom. And, of course, Manila is several thousand miles away from the Arabian Peninsula. Clearly, there must be something else at work here!
4. Speaking of Saddam Hussein, documents seized by U.S. troops in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom revealed that Saddam Hussein provided money to Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines. 
5. Evidence gathered elsewhere, at other times, indicate that Abu Sayyaf received funding from sources in Saudi Arabia.
6. The Philippines armed forces have fought hard against the jihadist terrorists, inflicting sizeable casualties on Abu Sayyaf. However, you should know that Abu Sayyaf is not the only Islamic Jihadist terrorist group in the Philippines. There is another group, the Moro Liberation Front (MLF) which has also killed thousands of innocent civilians over the years. The MLF and Abu Sayyaf have sometimes worked together and sometimes independently. This is further evidence that al Qaeda is not the only enemy in this global war.
While the Philippine military has fought hard and well, the political leadership in the Philippines has sometimes been weak (not unlike the situation in the U.S.).
Two years ago, the Philippine government actually signed a truce with the MLF that would have granted the MLF authority and autonomy over much of the island of Mindinoa. (Thousands of Americans were killed liberating that same island from the Japanese in 1944-45.)
This agreement would have resulted in tens of thousands of Catholic citizens of the Philippines living under Shariah – Islamic law, a barbaric, brutal, theo-political-legal doctrine known for, among other things, its complete disregard for human rights.
Thousands of Filipinos protested; Catholic nuns among them.
Fortunately, the Philippines' Supreme Court struck down that truce and it was never enacted. But the political leadership in the Philippines very nearly granted a great victory to the global jihadist insurgency.
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Christopher Holton is a Vice President with the Center for Security Policy. He can be reached at Holton@centerforsecuritypolicy.org. He also contributes to the website Shariah Finance Watch.

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