Exclusive: For Some Muslim Police Officers: Which Comes First – Islam or America?

by DAVE GAUBATZ May 29, 2009
I believe any reasonable and well-informed American would agree to the following conclusions:
  1. America is changing, and not for the better. Our national security is threatened by such Islamic terrorist organizations as Al Qaeda, and the Islamic leaders of Iran.
  2. There are Islamic organizations in America that do support terrorist groups.
  3. There are Islamic leaders in America that support the violent Islamic ideology of terrorist groups.
  4. There are some Islamic Centers that utilize the same materials as Islamic terrorist groups.
  5. There are (even according to CAIR, ISNA, MSA, and MANA) Muslims from virtually every profession working in America.
The majority of reasonable Americans may agree on the above five statements, but may have a difficult time with the following:
Prior to 9/11, and to this day in May 2009, there are Muslims working within law enforcement who are aligned with Islamic organizations such as CAIR (but not limited to) that support Islamic terrorist groups. While these officers are being paid to be the first line defenders of our security, behind the scenes many are associated with CAIR and have friendly relationships with this terrorist supporting organization.
I was a law enforcement officer (LEO) for many years and there are many Muslims working within law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels. I have confirmed this through many interviews of Islamic leaders and worshippers. Further, it is no secret that law enforcement at all levels of our government conduct liaison with Islamic leaders.
How many FBI, State Police, U.S. State Department and County law enforcement officers conduct liaison (Interfaith) meetings with Jewish and Christian leaders?
This question should be pondered by readers because it will give you an enormous amount of insight into how and why “Interfaith” meetings between law enforcement and Islamic leaders/groups originated. The answer: Islamic organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year toward promoting and arranging Interfaith’ meetings. They are a “recruitment/informant tool” by the Islamic leaders. The LEOs often become more associated/aligned with Islamic leaders and make verbal and written statements in support of organizations such as CAIR. Islamic leaders then use these statements as a tool to leverage others to believe that what they are advocating about a particular issue must be true. Why not? The FBI and an elected official provided a positive statement of support to the group. One need only think of the statements President Obama and his supporters have said in regard to our “interrogation methods.” If the U.S. President says our intelligence officers tortured enemy combatants, then this type statement will be used by our enemies (such as al Qaeda) when the need arises.
No one should underestimate the strategy and tactics by Islamic leaders such as Osama bin Laden, and his followers/supporters in the U.S. They are indeed professionals and study the mindset, strategies, and tactics of their enemies. They look for the “weak link” to recruit their lower echelon (suicide bombers). How many Islamic leaders blow themselves up?
The Islamic leaders also need to provide “cover” for their operations by “recruiting” Rabbis, Preachers, Priests, etc. Of course, these people do not know they are being recruited. In law enforcement we refer to these people as “unwitting sources.” Essentially they are used and abused and never know. Why do you think CAIR and Islamic leaders at mosques spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for “Interfaith” meetings? They need the support of “gullible and naïve” community leaders to stand behind them when an American citizen reports suspicions against a mosque or their leadership.
Readers should understand this is why CAIR and other Islamic organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year “recruiting U.S. State Department personnel, FBI agents, and other law enforcement officers. These people are being used as ‘shields,’” and it works. It has worked for CAIR and many mosque leaders for many years after 9/11. A local officer who has unwittingly been recruited by an Islamic leader will immediately get a call if he suspects an investigative journalist is getting too close to the truth. 
Why has it taken years for the FBI to cut off relations with CAIR? Have they? In 2009, and after thousands of our military personnel have died because of the “extremist” Islamic material taught to followers, do non-Muslim officers still believe the violent material used in U.S. mosques is covered under our First Amendment? Sedition and treason are not covered under our Constitution, but the Islamic scholars and complicit Muslim LEOs will advise their fellow non-Muslim LEOs that such material is legal.   
Not only are Islamic organizations that are supporting terrorism and advocating the same violent ideology at their mosque using non-Muslims as “informants,” but it seems they also have some Muslim LEOs and some Muslim elected officials “protecting” them.
The following is copied directly from a New York Police Officer (Muslim) to CAIR. Readers should note the date is 1997. How many of these officers hampered investigations by “covering” for activities by CAIR leaders who support Hamas (a U.S. State Department-designated terrorist organization). This officer, Michael G. Kilpatrick (Abdul Saboor) was part of a large Muslim community of officers who offered to conduct investigations and hold press conferences on behalf of CAIR if requested (see below).  Have our senior authorities ever conducted an investigation into this group and many similar who “cover” for CAIR while on official duty? How many of these N.Y. officers attend the mosque of Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Brooklyn, N.Y.?
Readers should understand during my years of investigation and research this is not an isolated instance. As such, it is my considered opinion that any officer who was with this Muslim LE organization should be investigated, fired, and/or prosecuted as supporting terrorism against our country.
From the Muslim LE Organization:
Our association along with other law enforcement officers throughout the city of New York are willing and ready to assist your organization when the need may arise. As Muslims and law enforcement officers we are prepared to support your field operations in New York in the form of responding to emergency scenes, conduct interviews of the incidents, and if need be to prepare and hold any press conference as your organization may request. Working together and building a strong presence in the media, and in the public to show that as Muslims we are united in our efforts to clean up anti-Islamic practices. Thank you for your committed support of being the eyes of the Islamic Community. We look forward to working along side your great organization may Allah bless you and your staff for all the great work your organization has contributed to the Islamic communities in the United States.
Michael G. Kilpatrick (Abdul Saboor)
Brooklyn, NY
Islamic Officers Benevolent Association
For many years I have said Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Brooklyn, N.Y., is the most dangerous man in regard to our national security. I stand by this and believe I have the evidence to support N.Y. Muslim law enforcement officers do “cover for his illegal activities.”
I ask readers to ponder how many other Muslim LEOs are at the “beck and call” of a major Islamic organization that supports an Islamic terrorist group.
Would Christian or Jewish law enforcement officers be allowed to do what these Muslim LEOS offered to CAIR at taxpayers’ expense?
I again ask Americans: Do you feel safe knowing that some Muslim LEOs put the Islamic Ummah (nation) ahead of our great country? Do you feel safer that organizations such as the one Kilpatrick represented would hold a press conference and investigate an incident on behalf of a terrorist supporting organization (CAIR)?
Unfortunately, there are many Muslims in various professions who would support the ideology of advancing the Islamic Ummah in America before they would ever pledge allegiance to our country. From a “CAIR Educators Manual”:
Islam discourages acts of reverence to anyone or anything but God. Some Muslims may be hesitant to the recite the pledge of allegiance. Many Muslim parents teach their children to stand up but not recite the pledge.
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Dave Gaubatz spent 20 years as an active duty USAF (Special Agent/OSI), 3.5 years as a civilian 1811 Federal Agent, trained by the U.S. State Department in Arabic, and was the first U.S. Federal Agent to enter Iraq in 2003. He is also a counterterrorism counterintelligence officer. Gaubatz currently owns "Wahhabi CT Publications" and conducts CT Research on behalf of high profile non-profit organizations. His website is here, and he can be reached at davegaubatz@gmail.com.

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