Exclusive: Growing Intolerance of the Blame Game

by JIM HORN June 21, 2008

It seems that all too many people want to blame the U.S.A. for their problems.Greenhouse gases have become one of their popular, contemporary whining points.

A recent BBC program arrogantly claimed that America (with about 4% of the world's population) generates more than 20% of the world's greenhouse gases.Using that basis of reasoning, technologically advanced greater Europe plus Japan and South Korea, with another combined 12% or so of the world's population, would probably generate about another 40% of greenhouse gases.So, the technologically advanced nations and their people would generate 60% of greenhouse gases while we muster about 16% of the world's population.That is balderdash.

My wife and I, like about 95% of people living in technologically advanced nations, are less than affluent.We drive an eight-year-old, four cylinder car that gets about 28 miles per gallon of gas.Our seven-year-old pickup truck, with an accumulated 40,000 miles, is used only for hauling loads our tiny car can't handle, along with grandchildren and guests.We cook two meals a day using natural gas on an efficient stove.If we cook outdoors, we use propane.Both gases are fairly clean burning.Most of the time, we have open windows and doors, using fresh air for our climate control. Our monthly electric bill is probably 2% of Al Gore's.

So, using the above liberal and BBC reasoning, the remaining 84% or so of the world's population (about four billion people, all of whom also generate methane gases) who basically use crude, inefficient fossil fuel burning vehicles for mass transport, unmonitored fossil fuel or coal fired power generators, methane belching hoofed personal transporters, and cook with crude charcoal (one meal for four using charcoal generates more greenhouse gases than a natural gas burning stove will create in three months) generate only about 40% of greenhouse gases.They use smoky kerosene or other oils for lighting, burn their forests, grasslands, and trash; and because of unfortunate or willful ignorance, tragic impoverishment, or even arrogant stupidity, they don't care a whit about pollution.

I'm tired of being blamed for the world's woes. I have tolerated this blame for many years and have worked diligently not only to reduce my so-called carbon footprint, but to improve the lot of others less fortunate than I.However, I am now fed up with silly fools (whom I no longer suffer gladly) blaming me, my family, my nation, and the civilized world for every woe.Thus, this is commentary that most (if not all) reasonable, responsible, people with cognitive skills will easily grasp.

If we of the technologically advanced nations are to be held culpable for anything, it is creating and freely distributing medicines [that eliminated most natural population controlling diseases] that have benefited those who seem to hate us so much.

Family Security Matters Contributing Editor Jim Horn is a retired Foreign Service Officer who has served internationally for more than 25 years as a U.S. diplomat. Feedback: editorialdirector@familysecuritymatters.org.

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