Exposing the New York Times’ Sins


The uproar in Congress includes both sides of the Capitol and both sides of the aisle. Lawmakers are making furious calls for FBI investigations and for tightening up the nation's espionage laws. The reason: a spate of New York Times articles and a new book by its chief Washington correspondent, David Sanger. Last Friday, Sanger revealed a state secret that is arguably more sensitive than any other state secret that has been revealed since the Rosenbergs tipped off Stalin about the American atomic bomb.

Sanger's new book reveals that the Obama White House is conducting a coordinated campaign of industrial sabotage against Iran by means of cyber weapons. Remember the Stuxnet virus or the more sophisticated worm known as Flame? According to Sanger, all were components of an American government plan to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program. Or as Pogo famously pointed out: "We have met the enemy and he is us."


Colonel Ken Allard is a widely known commentator on foreign policy and security issues. For more than a decade, he was a featured military analyst on NBC News, MSNBC and CNBC. That experience provided the backdrop for his most recent book, Warheads: Cable News and the Fog of War. 

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FBI formally confirms investigation into Hillary Clinton's secret server; Updated

February 08, 2016  06:45 PM

Just last week, Clinton declared at the debate that she was involved in an FBI-requested security review hyped up by "retroactive classifications."

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Watch out, Hillary! Look who's feeling the Bern now [photo, video]

February 08, 2016  06:42 PM

"Let's not be so hasty to dismiss this socialism thing."

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'Well that's a relief'! John Podesta says there's 'zero truth' to Hillary staff rumors

February 08, 2016  05:45 PM

"Least reassuring tweet ever."

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'Hilarious'! How can Bill Clinton can say THIS with a straight face? [video]

February 08, 2016  04:56 PM

"The new moral compass in politics."

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'Not so subtle': David Axelrod has stinging campaign criticism for (guess who)

February 08, 2016  04:26 PM

Subtweeting we can believe in.

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