Feminine Spring

by NIDRA POLLER February 16, 2017

Many thanks and credit goes to infoequitable.org for the illustrations    

The self-appointed female nation, outraged by the words and deeds of the new president, took to the streets on the 21st of January, the day after the inauguration.  Protestors marched in a compact mass estimated at 700,000 to a million in Washington DC, with another million tallied in national and international sister marches.* Did anyone question the misnomer of those hand-knit pink pointy eared pussyhats? There's nothing pussy about the cat's ears for heaven's sake, it's about the fur! What kind of PC turned the erotic anatomical reference into silliness?


The world's media gushed with enthusiasm over the movement's scope and message, which was clicked into contemporary history on its own terms, in the name of women's dignity. The good gals gave the Bad Guy an earful!  So why bother taking a second look days later when disturbing information about one of the co-organizers surfaced? Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour, born in Brooklyn, praised by some as a champion civil rights activist, disqualified by others as a Hamas fellow traveler is an uninhibited defender of sharia. As executive director of the New York branch of the Arab American Association, created right after 9/11 to protect Muslims from the expected backlash, Sarsour was instrumental in blocking the surveillance program of New York mosques and closing public schools for the Muslim holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Poster girl for sharia, a proud Sarsour in tightly drawn hijab touts: "You'll know when you're living under Sharia Law if suddenly all your loans & credit cards become interest free. Sound nice, doesn't it?"

sansour tweet

No need to mention the rest: chopping off the hands of the thief, stoning the adulterous woman, killing the apostate and other brutalities. A young American audience delighted by the sharia financial bargain won't look any further. Like the courageous defenders of women's rights dressed in Free Birth Control Free Palestine t-shirts. The great grandmothers of these American girls already had access to birth control-though it was reserved for married women and they had to pay for it-long ago when "Palestine" designated the land of the Jews.

Sarsour is pro-BDS and anti-Zionist: (tweet & poster, 2012) "Nothing is creepier than Zionism." She defends Black Lives Matter-"My hijab is my hoodie"-and hangs out with choice Muslim Brotherhood fronts. Awarded the Champion of Change honors in 2011, she visited the Obama White House at least seven times. CNN's own Van Jones, tapped to ward off questions raised about Sarsour's feminist creds, deftly avoided specifying a single detail of the investigative articles that he dismissed as fake news from the far right gutter press. Linda's a sister, said Jones, a fantastic activist; those people trying to tear her down are nothing but bigots. Don't worry, sistah, we have your back. The anchor smiled in agreement. Case closed.

Here's the Sarsour style aimed at two women she detests: "Brigitte Gabriel = Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She's asking 4 an a$$ whippin'. I wish I could take their vaginas away-they don't deserve to be women." Tweet, @sarsour , 5:30PM 8 Mar 2011

sansour tweet 3


sansour tweet.jpg 2

Upping the vulgarity ante

So it's Donald Trump that doesn't respect women? First, he talked dirty about the private parts he can grab to his liking, and then he called Hillary Clinton a nasty woman in a presidential debate. Too much for nineteen year-old talk poet, Nina Donovan. She returns the compliment multiplied by 10, and earns herself unhoped for fame when Ashley Judd performs Donovan's Nasty Woman poem before millions, live in DC and broadcast worldwide on TV and social media. Copying Donovan's black talk, Judd pours out a steady stream of vulgarity that won't be repeated here. Roughly speaking, it's a lowdown gitdown catalogue of the female body, its intimate functions and secretions, garnished with complaints and demands, soaked in hatred of Donald Trump and, by extension, of all those testosteroned men. It's pure trash and the crowd loves it. If the black talk can be explained by a taste for cool, what about the picture of Ashley Judd, pointing her finger in the sign of tawhid, allegiance to Allah unique? That's cool too these days. Like the one keffieh fits all protests.

The Feminine Spring

Michael Moore thundered: "We are the majority." Who cares about democracy? What's the use of elections held according to rules inscribed in the Constitution? There are hundreds of thousands of us in the street, we shout at the top of our lungs, the media think we're great = we're the majority.

Where do they get these methods and practices?

The woman's march, like the Arab spring, is decked out in the costumes of the Facebook-Twitter generation...though the label has lost some of its shine since Daesh took to the same channels to broadcast its savagery. The Women's March home page looks like the organigram of a multinational. https://www.womensmarch.com/team/ No grungy tattooed activists with dreadlocks and piercings- the women are attractive, active, educated, talented ...and of course diverse. They lead successful high tech careers. Nothing that could suggest a subversive, destructive will. We're in the sphere of free speech, civil rights, the noble cause. And it's not Linda Sarsour's severe hijab that would convince true believers to the contrary.

And yet this feminine street, this compact mass composed in the majority of young women, these women with the pink bonnets stuck on their heads like a marching order, these earnest women that don't see what's tricky about a Free Birth Control Free Palestine t-shirt remind us that the Muslim Brotherhood was crouched in the shadow of the Arab Spring, and the fall of the dictators opened the way to the imposition of sharia. Linda Sarsour unashamedly declares, "I am for sharia."  The Arab Spring wasn't the advent of democracy, it was a thrust of jihad. The Muslim Brotherhood, hidden behind a sliver of a minority desperately yearning for freedom, manipulated a mass totalitarian movement.  That's jihad: Islamization by all possible means, rejection of rule of law, establishment of the law of the compact mass. The law imposed by the street that grants no concessions.

jihad is not limited to spectacular "terrorist" attacks

Whatever the distress provoked by those one shot barbaric actions, they cannot ensure sustained mobilization of the free world because they will always seem minor compared to our military capacities. You cannot convince people whose daily lives are practically normal that "we are at war."  An exaggerated concern for the wellbeing of Muslims took root in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, though we had just been attacked in their name. Far from meting out collective punishment, our societies adopted a perverse mansuetude. The shield of "that's not Islam" is constantly raised to protect Muslims from dreadful- imaginary- violence. That's dhimmitude: Islam strikes me, I bend my head  and refrain at all costs from designating the culprit.

This is the background against which we should understand Linda Sarsour's rôle in a mass movement coalesced under the banner of women's rights. It is not incidental. She is only one among several co-organizers but the movement marches to her beat. "If you're in a movement and you're not following a woman of color, you're in the wrong movement," she repeatedly declares, fearing no accusation of racism. And that's how a feminine population that enjoys maximum rights is mobilized to heave and lug a bushel basket of causes that cancel those rights, and swallow a heavy sprinkling of sharia on the whole kit and caboodle.  In the United States, the forces of Islamic conquest nestle in the bosom of civil rights. Including the "civil" rights of non-citizens: No Borders No Walls. ** The undocumented immigrant is my friend, my neighbor, my family.  We the People posters, including one featuring a woman in an American flag hijab, twist the first words of the preamble to the Constitution into a hymn to diversity. Multicolor multicultural women haughtily replace the white male Founding Fathers. http://bust.com/arts/18894-we-the-people-posters-will-flood-the-march-on-washington.html

poller three women

They'll say it's marginal. They'll dismiss the sharia, abortion rights, Palestine, and pussyhat mix as nothing more than the patchwork quilt of great demonstrations. That's what they said in October 2000 when the crowd screamed "Death to the Jews" at Place de la République in Paris. The antiracist association MRAP, to mention one among many, justified by petty arithmetic its decision to remain in the demonstration despite the genocidal cries: It's a small minority within an immense crowd gathered to defend the Palestinian cause. Today the same MRAP has joined the CCIF [collective against islamophobia] in a lawsuit accusing Shoah historian Georges Bensoussan of islamophobia. The "marginal" cries of 2000 were followed by thousands of assaults on Jews in France, and the murder of Sébastien Selam, Ilan Halimi, the Sandler children, Myriam Monsenego, and four Jewish men at the Hyper Cacher grocery store in January 2015.

Donald Trump genocidal?

Whatever the logic underlying the temporary halt to immigration from seven Muslim countries decreed by President Trump it can't be denied that he has a mandate to curb Muslim immigration. Whether it's the Muslim ban promised during the campaign or the need for improved vetting in the interests of national security advanced today, it is definitely not a massacre. The president did not decree the extermination of residents of those countries. You could spend days and nights citing a wide variety of bans imposed by Arab-Muslim countries, noting that frontiers are often closed in wartime, specifying the difference between a temporary ban placed on free travelers and the generalized refusal during the Shoah to accept Jews fleeing from extermination...nothing can dampen the flames. 

What is striking is the boiling heat of this nonstop indignation. First there's the woman's march, then angry crowds rush to airports to stop the travel ban over their dead bodies, judges overturn the executive order, States intercede one after the other to stop it, high tech giants wail in the  vast expanses of cyberspace that the ban is killing them ... as if there were nothing more serious on earth than hampering the comings and goings of Muslims. From there it's a hop skip and a jump to acting as if the president had triggered a genocide against the Other. And the protestors intensify their love for the innocent victims of the planned massacre. 

The real problem is the hatred of the Other that is borne by some aspiring immigrants from that region and sadly proven to flourish among some immigrants already settled in our country or even born here.  How can that hatred be discerned, targeted, blocked, and countered when it is enthroned on the stage of the Woman's March, slaps sharia over every sort of desire for emancipation, stands at every corner of the cause of the people and just by chance doesn't know anything creepier than Zionism?

* "sister marches"  N.B. the Sisterhood is the feminine branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

** No borders = the ouma


Poller, Nidra. Al Dura: Long Range Ballistic Myth. See "Lethal Narratives" ( chapter 7) for a detailed analysis of the strategy of jihad conquest hitched to civil rights movements in the United States.  

Research on Linda Sarsour is drawn from multiple sources, including :

https://www.algemeiner.com/2017/01/27/womens-march-figure-linda-sarsours-radical-background-ties/ (analyse intelligente et bien documentée de Steve Emerson)



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https://www.facebook.com/SJP.Sac.State (Linda Sarsour / Students for Justice in Palestine / BDS )

Linda Sarsour / YouTube / interviewée Deen TV



(diverses photos de Sarsour faisant le signe de tawhid. Aussi, photo de l'affiche NOTHING IS CREEPIER THAN ZIONISM)

Khadija Khan: "Trojan Horses in Women's Movement"


(Soutien des palestiniens à la lutte des Native Americans)



poller_ sarsour-isis

 "Organizer For DC Women's March Against Trump Pictured Flashing the ISIS Sign," by Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit, January 23, 2017:

Sarsour _Photo by Theo Wargo-Getty Images- pollar

Linda Sarsour speaks onstage during the Women's March on Washington on January 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

facebook-300x263 static.europe poller sarsour

Profile of Linda Sarsour from the Women's March site https://www.womensmarch.com/team/

Linda Sarsour is an award-winning, Brooklyn-born Palestinian-American-Muslim racial justice and civil rights activist, community organizer, social media maverick, and mother of three. Linda has been at the forefront of major social justice campaigns both locally in New York City and nationally. She led the successful, progressive coalition to close New York public schools for the observance of two of Islam's most important holy days, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. In 2015, Linda was one of three women co-chairs of the March2Justice, an effort advised and chaired by legendary artist and activist Belafonte, leading almost 100 marchers through 5 states and 250 miles from Staten Island, NY to Washington, DC. Linda was invited to deliver an address before 700,000 people at the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March, and gained international media coverage. Linda is the Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York, co-founder of Muslims for Ferguson, and a member of Justice League NYC. She is most notably recognized for her focus on intersectional movement building.

Contact: Linda@womensmarch.com

 (Excerpts from the Women's March Mission statement)

The rhetoric of the past election cycle has insulted, demonized, and threatened many of us-women, immigrants of all statuses, those with diverse religious faiths particularly Muslim, people who identify as LGBTQIA, Native and Indigenous people, Black and Brown people, people with disabilities, the economically impoverished and survivors of sexual assault.

In the spirit of democracy and honoring the champions of human rights, dignity, and justice who have come before us, we join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore.

We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice [slogan of Palestinian movements] and equity for all

nidra poller updated ce photo 12-2017

Nidra Poller is an American novelist and journalist living in Paris since 1972. She has published  in the Wall Street Journal Europe, New English Review, and other outlets. Ms. Poller is the author of Troubled Dawn and  "The Black Flag of Jihad Stalks the Republique "

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