FSM Contributing Editor Alan Caruba Passes Away

by THE EDITOR June 22, 2015


It is with a heavy heart that FSM shares with our readers the passing of a true patriot.  Alan Caruba, an eloquent and combative conservative who railed against many liberal policies - from climate change to energy policy to celebrity culture to counter-terrorism policy and more - died last week  after a brief illness and surgery.  It seems impossible that Alan's unbridled energy - and his ability to cut through all the unnecessary with his lively, productive and insightful intellect - is silenced forever.

Alan Caruba was a well known, steadfast fixture and part of the FSM family.  For many years he wrote hard-hitting articles that we published with great pride on our site.  We say good-bye to Alan now with a great sadness and sense of loss.  His always-upbeat and pleasant demeanor will be sorely missed for a long, long time. 

Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends, and to Alan we say, "Godspeed, good friend."


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