House GOP Leaders Rush Expansion of Obama’s Failed Domestic Anti-Jihad Strategy

by BREITBART NEWS June 18, 2016

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House Republican leaders quickly staged a show-vote in response to Sunday's terrorist shooting massacre at Orlando's Pulse gay nightclub, and rushed through the Countering Terrorist Radicalization Act by 402 to 15 votes.


This House bill endorses and expands the failed domestic anti-jihad polices of President Barack Obama, said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R.-Texas), one of three Republicans voting against the bill. The other two were Rep. Justin Amash (R.-Mich.) and Rep. Tom Massie (R.-Ky.).

The bill creates a new coordination committee inside the Department of Homeland Security for sharing domestic security and for pushing skewed federal Combating Violent Extremism training guidelines and curricula onto local law enforcement. The bill says;

The Secretary of Homeland Security is authorized to provide training for personnel, including Department of Homeland Security personnel, State, local, tribal, and territorial representatives at State and major urban area fusion centers for the purpose of administering community awareness briefings and related activities in furtherance of the Department's efforts to counter violent extremism, identify and report suspicious activities, and increase awareness of and more quickly identify terrorism threats.

The authorization, plus the long-standing power to withdraw funds from uncooperative state and local police forces, will allow the federal government to impose Obama's restrictive guidelines onto state and local forces.

Despite last minute cajoling by Gohmert, the mood inside the House Republican Conference was that legislators needed to send a message to voters about the Orlando massacre before jetting out of the Capitol for the weekend.

Most members knew nothing about the bill when they arrived on the House floor to vote on a series of 75 amendments to the Pentagon budget.


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