In Memory of America

by CATHY HINNERS September 9, 2016

Ask most Americans where they were on September 11, 2001, and they can describe what they were doing or where they were at that very moment. Ask Americans today what the threat to America is, and the answers are astounding. From Donald Trump supporters, to Black Lives Matter activists, many believe they are the menaces to our society.  How quickly Americans have forgotten.

The true enemy has been living amongst us, quietly inserting themselves into positions of power, and effecting changes so seemingly inconsequential most never recognize who they are. However, those small incremental changes have led to the rise of Islamists and their radical agenda, transforming America like never before. They don't need a war, large guns and bombs, they are coming from within.

This enemy is the same one that flew planes into buildings on September 11, but now they are dressed in suits and ties, they exist on college campuses, they enter your churches professing their god and yours are the same, and they roam the halls of our highest branches of U.S government. 

This enemy is Islam. In its form of political and military ideology, it shows its true colors everyday across the globe as they slaughter Christians, and advance their global caliphate. Rather than exterminating this dogma, it has been embraced and allowed to grow, and now has become so large it is out of control.

In the near future, there will be another 9/11, and many more will awaken to realize Islam is not a religion of peace, but rather a doctrine of deceit.  The September 11th we can recall in great detail will be small in comparison to their capabilities now.

Fifteen years later, it is now time to define and identify this enemy and expose it for what it is. There is only one Islam, and it is the same over there as here. It is time to erase political correctness, and eliminate the greatest threat of our time. It is time to make America great again. 

Cathy Hinners is a decorated, retired police officer of 20 years.  While active, she developed a course on Middle Eastern Crime, Culture and Community and delivered it to thousands of law enforcement officers across the country.  Hinners was also a contract instructor with the U. S. Department of Homeland Security's Center for Domestic Preparedness, delivering training to the National Guard, New York Police Dept. and other law enforcement agencies on Weapons of Mass Destruction and bomb recognition.  In June of 2015, Cathy was named by the Southern Poverty Law Center, along with 11 other women, who speak out against the implementation of Sharia law in the United States. Cathy is the founder of

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