Inflammatory Media Silence

by GENERAL (RET) TOUJOURS L'AUDACE December 14, 2017

The President's video tweets are inflammatory we are told.


Well the video-a real one- shows the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood pushing a young boy off the roof of a building in Cairo.

Remember Hamas throwing members of Fatah off roofs in the Gaza Strip? Seems like SOP-standard operating procedure don't you think?

Similarly if the critics are right, is it inflammatory to show video or pictures of the attacks of 9-11 because the videos or pictures might upset or insult Muslims? Isn't the inflammatory part of all this the attacks themselves and not the fact that someone draws attention to the attacks? Why is the drive-by media so upset?  This same media which has been leading the parade for more immigration, more illegal aliens, more amnesty, more guest workers and condemning any one that says enough is enough re our open borders. A wall? God forbid say the drive-by's . Implement controls on overstays? God forbid say the drive-by's. Mandatory e-verify? God forbid say the drive-by's. Every day the newspapers of America or the media websites or the television shows give us story after story, about the positive wonders of more aliens or immigrants coming to America. Including those of the Islamic faith. Whether legal and illegal. Including sighing with relief because one illegal alien gets declared not guilty of firing a gun that killed a young San Francisco lady. But does the media  have a clue what is happening in Europe particularly the development of sharia law courts and no-go zones where Muslim communities do not allow non Muslims to enter? When the Imams in a community get to veto those municipal authorities that can police the area? The mayor of London is all in favor of multiculturalism-translated into English means he loves coddling radical and violent Islamic groups that are "coming to London". As Melanie Phillips has written they don't call the British Capitol Londistan because of the leprechaun gangs.

The unwillingness of the conventional wisdom and powerful media gangs and their political and  academic and entertainment co-conspirators to face the reality of a supremacist and violent Islamic force in the world will get more and more of us killed. And yes there are huge differences between western civilization and the law of Sharia. There is no such possibility of melding barbarism and civilization and coming up with liberty. True, most  Muslims want nothing to do with the violent fantasies of the imams in Iran or Yemen or Pakistan or on the European continent or also in American mosques that preach jihad. But they are often intimidated to say no-is it a coincidence that those who call for the reform of Islam are immediately threatened with death by the Islamic authorities? The POTUS gave support to the need to fight the threat we face from violent Islamic Jihad which migration and immigration-yes, immigration-helps bring to our shores and then our cities.

The inflammatory part of all this are the perpetuators of the violent attacks on Americans and Europeans alike. And as well those who seek to blanket our thinking with the naive idea that all we need to limit or even eliminate terrorist attacks is love and more multiculturalism as if we are all on a perpetual journey on a Yellow Submarine.

General Toujours L'Audace

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