Introducing America’s Most Forgotten: The Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

Are American lives worth nothing to the President and the Congress of the United States?
The citizens of United States have a serious problem. We have a government that no longer values the lives of the American people.  
Citizens are being killed by illegal aliens in every region of this country in large numbers. Our President and most in the Congress are ignoring this preventable loss of life. These officials, elected to represent us, are not taking action to protect their fellow countrymen nor are they outraged. In fact, they refuse to secure the border and to enforce immigration law.
The inaction and silence of Barack Obama and the Congress make them culpable in the deaths of Americans of all ages and from all walks of life. They have the blood of the innocent victims on their hands as does a complicit news media.
America’s Most Forgotten will tell the stories of the individuals that have been sacrificed for open borders.
Nothing is more heartbreaking than a preventable death, yet the victims of illegal aliens and their families have been disregarded and forgotten. With the exception of a few cases, the reporting on an individual crime is limited to one or two local hometown media outlets with a short series of “just the facts, ma’am” news items. The silence of the media leads the American public to believe the tragedies in their hometowns are isolated incidents. They are not.
If the tragic stories of the victims received the national media coverage they deserve, the outrage against the coddling of illegal aliens by most of our elected officials and their open border policies would be uncontainable, as would the demands for enforcement of immigration law and secure borders.
Far too many in Congress and the White House have a “special interest” in keeping the American people in the dark. While American families are devastated by atrocious acts of violence, many politicians are committed and beholden to the open borders lobby, unions and the United States Chamber of Commerce – what could be described as some sort of amnesty/open borders alliance.
This “alliance” and members of Congress spout compassion for some 12-20 million illegal aliens, while Americans from all walks of life are being killed. Lacking is remorse for the loss of American lives. Instead, they want to give the very people who violate the rule of law of the United States and who disrupt civil society the glorious gift of American citizenship.
The Congress and President Obama want to solve the problem of illegal alien crime by enacting amnesty legislation. They want to reward illegal aliens with a pathway to citizenship via the Dream Act, AgJobs and Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR). All of these bills have been reintroduced to Congress since January, 2009. Amnesty involves giving a free pass to illegal aliens without background checks of criminal or health history further putting American lives at risk.
Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) says the time is right for the amnesty of the illegal aliens because the borders are secure and the American people are ready. Schumer made this proclamation despite testimony to the contrary from Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar. Aguilar admitted that foot traffic can cross over vehicle barriers. Sen. Jeff Sessions denied Schumer’s claim that the fence along the Mexican border is almost completed. Sessions reported that the fence has not been built the way Congress intended.
Sen. Schumer knows a majority of Americans remain opposed to any path to citizenship for illegal aliens.
The supposedly transparent government of Barack Obama will hold an “amnesty summit” on June 8th behind closed doors. American citizens will not be the stakeholders at this meeting. The Obama administration has weakened interior enforcement of immigration law by making it more difficult to go after employers and their illegal alien hires. While there is money for any number of bailouts, President Obama’s 2010 budget calls for the elimination of the State Criminal Illegal Alien Assistance Program (SCAPP). SCAPP provides $400 million to states to offset the costs of jailing criminal illegal aliens.
Every effort is being made to protect and provide for illegal aliens at the expense of Americans.
Illegal aliens are not the responsibility of the American people. The lives of fellow citizens are.
And now, the first in this groundbreaking series:
California – Jamiel Shaw

Jamiel Shaw
An illegal alien gang member has been charged in the shooting death of high school football star.
On March 2, 2008, 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw was shot in the head and back, merely steps away from the front door of his home in Arlington Heights, California. Pedro Espinoza, an illegal alien gang member and convicted felon, was released from prison one day prior to the death of Jamiel. He has been charged with Jamiel’s murder.
Jamiel was walking home from the mall when witnesses say a white car with shaded windows pulled up beside him on the street. Jamiel was on the phone with his girlfriend, when she heard a voice say, “Where are you from?” – code meaning “what gang?” – before the phone went dead. According to a witness, a hooded man got out of the car, approached Jamiel and fired his gun, dropping the young man to the ground before he had a chance to answer the question. The man fired a second shot at close range into his head.
Jamiel’s father ran outside of the Shaw home after hearing the gunshots. He found his son dying next to the tree they had planted for the community a few years earlier. Jamiel was pronounced dead at a local hospital.
As sadness and loss gripped the community, hundreds of people attended a candlelight vigil to celebrate Jamiel’s life. Family, friends and teachers spoke of his ability as an outstanding athlete and fondly recalled his sense of humor.
"He was a very special kid," Jamiel’s coach at Los Angeles High School, Hardy Williams, told the Los Angeles Times, "Not only was he an outstanding athlete, he was a good person. I've never seen Jamiel mad. He had such a big smile."
“I told him that if he did everything right, he could make it in this life, and look what happened,” a bereaved Jamiel Shaw, Sr. said at his son’s funeral. Jamiel’s mother, Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, was serving her country in Iraq when her son was murdered.
Jamiel’s nine-year-old brother asked his father, "Are they going to kill me too?"
Coach Williams, reflecting on the loss of Jamiel: Jamiel was everything to us. He led the team prayer. He was the first one out the locker room. He was... he was L.A. High Football.”
Jamiel had a bright future. Father and son had an “18-year plan” for Jamiel’s success. Despite the love, attention, and supervision of his father, the worst happened. Jamiel was brutally murdered one year short of their goal. 
An outstanding running back on his high school football team, Jamiel was named the Southern League's Most Valuable Player in 2007 for four consecutive years. Rutgers and Stanford were showing interest in recruiting him.
Jamiel had never been in any kind of trouble at school or with law enforcement. He was not a gang member.
Pedro Espinoza, 19 years old, the alleged murderer, was smuggled into the United States at the age of four.
Espinoza was released from jail the day before Jamiel’s murder, after serving four months on an assault with a deadly weapon arrest. He is identified as an ‘’active member of a criminal street gang’’, the 18th Street gang. Behind his left ear he had a tattoo with the initials “BK.” A gang expert testified that “BK’” stood for “Blood Killer.” Espinoza will be tried for murder with special circumstance gang allegation.
A ballot initiative to pass “Jamiel’s Law” failed to get enough signatures to be on the May, 2009 ballot. The petition would have allowed city police to arrest gang members for being in the country illegally.
The Shaws are suing Los Angeles County Sheriff Joe Baca, alleging the release of Espinoza despite his immigration status, 28 hours prior to Jamiel’s murder. The lawsuit claims Baca “knew or should have known that they were releasing a convicted felon and illegal alien with an extensive history of gang violence into the Los Angeles community to perpetrate killings against African Americans.” The lawsuit “alleges wrongful death, civil rights violation, and a violation of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act.”
Los Angeles is a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens, thanks to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
Many Latino gangs have recently been targeted by law enforcement for “participating in race-based violence” against blacks in Los Angeles.

Contributing Editor Carolyn Cooke is an American citizen activist committed to the preservation of a sovereign United States.

This series was first published on FSM in 2010, and since illegal alien crime has not abated since then and both Congress and our last president had done nothing to address the deadly problem, these articles bear repeating so that America never forgets. We are assisted in our efforts by a new president, Donald J. Trump, who has vowed - at last - a crackdown on illegal alien criminals who rampage through our nation. 

President Trump, further, has created VOICE - Victims of Illegal Crime Engagement. According to FoxNews Insider, VOICE "will act as a liaison with 'known victims of crimes committed by removable aliens.'" The memo directs ICE to reallocate resources away from advocacy on behalf of illegal immigrants and use those resources for the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office. 

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