Islam is the Black Death/Plague of the 21st Century

by DR. SAMI ALRABAA December 27, 2015

Had Donald Trump in his debates cited some atrocious passages from the Quran (the "holy" book of Muslims), he would have tremendously recruited huge support from all political directions.

Had Trump said, listen to what the Quran says: Kill non-Muslims...... Do not take Christians and Jews as friends...... Two women as witnesses equal one witness, one man in the court! etc. And then he should loudly ask: Is this a religioin or a manual instructing its followers how to handle and treat human beings who are not Muslims?

Trump should also add: No wonder, Muslim terrorists all over the world, in Aghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Paris, New York, San Bernardino are actually carrying out what the Quran preaches, what their "holy" book instructs them to do. Would you describe this as holy? This is the epitome of peversion!

Trump should also loudly add: Those who still claim that Islam is a "peaceful faith" are hence twisting facts, i.e. are in human terms illiterate.

Instead of banning Muslims to enter the States, Trump should ask Muslims to read their "holy" book, the majority of them have never read the Quran.

If Trump had done all this, he would have started another effective kind of discussion and stance against this vicious "faith", i.e. Islam. 

When I show Muslims atrocious passages from the Quran, they could hardly belive it. Non-Muslims comment right away: no wonder that we have so much terrorism around the world!

Therefore, a worldwide campaign around what the Quran really preaches would be much more effective than banning Muslims from entering the USA and more resilient than any military campaign against radical Muslims wherever they are.

Claiming that Islam is allegedly a "peaceful faith" is entirely untrue and misleading. A sociologist at Bielefeld University, who doesn't want to be named, told me, "Whether it is Merkel or Obama, and thier ilks try all the time to kiss the arse of Muslims, particularly Muslim leaders, whether it is the Turkish Erdogan or the oil-rich Arab Gulf despots!"

The only courageous politicians in Europe who openly and directly oppose Islam and Muslims publically are the Czech President Milos Zeman,  the Polish President Andrzej Duda and the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Yet, unfortunately politicians in most European countries and America are actually still trying to tackle the symptoms of Islamic Terrorism, and are not trying to address the causes/roots of terrorism.

All over Europe, espcially in Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany there are thousnads of Madrassas: a kind of night schools, attached to mosques, which teach kids Islam and the Quran, but in reality they are indoctrinating Muslim kids between 5 and 18 years old, and filling their heads with hatred against all religions and cultures. In sum, they preach and teach: Islam and Muslims are the best in the whole universe, and everything else must be destroyed!

According to the French think tank, Foundation for Strategic Research, there are around 8 million Muslims living in France. The majority of them are of north African descent; mainly from Algier and Morocco.

According to a study by Berlin Univrsity (Germany) there are more than 9 million Muslims living in Germany. The majority of them are Turkish descent. 

In Britain there are around 3 million Muslims.

Back to Madrassas, also called Islamic seminars, almost at every mosque in Europe there is a madrassa.

The British think tank, Institute for Public Research, estimates that more than 300,000 (three hundred thousand)  Muslim kids and teens attend Madrassas in Britain. In France almost half a million Muslim children attend such night schools. In Germany about 700,000 (seven hundred thousand) young Muslims attend Madrassas.

Madrassas stress that the Quran is the sole "sacred" book on earth. Each word in the Quran was dilivered to the "Prophet" Muhammad via the  Angel Gebriel, which is of course not true. After the death of Muhammad, the Caliphates (the rulers of Muslims) ordered collecting the Quran from contemporary Muslims spread across the Arabian Peninsula (nowadays Saudi Arabia). This process took about 60-100 years. Statements allegedly said by the prophet were also collected on paper and called Hadeeth, the sum of which is about seven thousand pages, based on fiction and allegations.

I and co-researchers from Bielefeld University attended courses at madrassas at various mosques in Germany.

First of all, the kids are forced to learn the Quran by heart, which is formulated in an old Arabic language. Very often the kids do not know what many passages mean. Critical questions are forbidden. Once, in my presence, an 11-year old boy was beaten by the teacher because he found a passage semantically inconsistent. The teacher shouted angrily, "It's sinful to criticise the Quran. It is holy and must be learned as it is. Period!"

After that madrassa class, I talked to that boy. He told me that if he wrote sentences that are inconsistent with the topic under discussion, "the teacher would give me an F!"

The Quran is usually taught by an Imam (prayer leader) or a religion teacher. Sometimes if the kids  do not follow the teacher's instructions, they are painfully beaten with a stick, or are forced to stand on one leg in the corner of the classroom for at least 15 minutes!

All girls attending madrassas wear the hijab (head cover).

Once in a while the teacher states very loudly, "Do not mix with non Muslims!" And thereby he cites the Quran, "Do not take Christians or Jews as friends." Sometime later, the teacher says, "Women must obey men." And cites the Quran: "Men are superior to women."

Very often Quran teachers state very proudly that all Muslims who learn the Quran and carry out its instructions literally, they land in Paradise, and there they would meet the prophet Muhammad.

Imams and Islam teachers also underscore that martyrdom is the key to land in Paradise. In other words, if you die for Islam, you will land in Paradise!

Socio-psychological research stresses the fact that the stuff which kids learn at school or at home between the age of 5 to 10 affects the shape and formation of their character later as teens and adults.

We humans grow up loving and hating certain things in life, use or practise. For example, we usually love the food and music which our parents love. Unconsciously, we apply daily the cultural patterns which we learn from our parents and local daily life.

If our parents and people in our community often lie, we pick up that habit and lie, whenever and wherever it is possible. If they are usually untidy lazy, we as teens and adults, become the same.

In other words, kids whose heads are stuffed with stuff like the above, are "ideal" candidates to carry out atrocious terrorist acts.

Hence madrassas are ideal places for training young people to mentally become terrorists.

Madrassas have nothing to do with harmless religion teaching, like Christians do in their schools. On the contrary, they teach hatred and incite to die in the name of Allah, the Muslim God!

In addition, according to the German BND (intelligence service) there are in Germany more than 70,000 radical Muslims, also called Salafists.

The Salafists have built their own police, called "Shari'a police". They walk around in Dortmund, Wupertal and other German cities and order women to wear the hijab (head scarf). They also stand in front of bars, pubs and concerts and urge people not to drink alcohol, or listen to music. "It's all sinful!" they shout, "You better sit down and read the Quran so that you get entitled to enter the Paradise!"

To add insult to injury, most recently a German court ruled, "Shari'a police" is legitimate and lawful. Thus the Salafists are allowed to "keep their own order" in public like the so called Mitawa's in Saudi Arabia, the most fundamentalist Islamic state in the world.

According to the Quran and Hadeeth (the prophet's preaches), Muslims are legitimized to cheat non-Muslims.

When German politicians criticize the stuff madrassas and mosques preach as incompatible with basic human rights and the country's constitution, Muslim leaders accept publicly; before media and cameras that criticism and insist that madrassas and mosques should not teach hatred, and claim that Islam "is a peaceful faith".

All these theoretical and propagandistic denials and lies are compatible with the Islamic axiom: It is legitimate to cheat infidels and non-Muslims! Muslim leaders preach something and do something else on the ground.

In private, Islamic leaders reject any criticism and carry on supporting teaching hatred and discrimination. For instance, when I confronted Ayman Mazyek, leader of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany with criticism by German politicians like the Home Minister Thomas de Maizière he bluntly replied, "Let them bark as loudly as they can!"

By the way, Muslim organizations, including the Central Council of Muslims get yearly from the German state around three million Euros for free!  It is all tax money. And what do these organizations do? The money lands in privates pockets and partly spent on teaching hatred and supporting terrorism.

In other words, the German state is digging its own grave by their own money!

Finally, some of my friends and acquaintances fear for my safety because I often criticise Islam. They underscore that fanatic Muslims are ruthless, and reckless and could harm me and my loved ones.

I always reply, of course I'm scared, but the truth must be laid out. We should not hide or twist the truth for the sake of safety. The root of evil in our world nowadays must be exposed.

Millions of Islam followers are misled by fanatic preachers and are unaware of what Islam really preaches.

How long still should we hide the truth about at the least the scripts of Islam, in particular the Quran, which preaches and urges Muslims to commit violence and discrimination? If radical Muslims were living on another planet with other peer Muslims, on Saturn for example, I'd say, to hell with them. But they are killing innocent people like you and me!

Islam urgently needs reformation. For instance, passages like the one related to apostasy in the Quran:  "If they (Muslims) turn away, (leave Islam), then seize them and kill them" Sure 4: Verse 89, must be dropped from any script in our civilzed world.

We need more critics of Islam than ever. The Irish Pastor James McConnell, who is being sued by Muslims for "insulting" Islam, should be supported by all means. I'm sure he will win the trial. All he needs is cite those atrocious passages from the Quran.

Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a professor of Sociology and an Arab-Muslim culture specialist. He has taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University. He also writes for the Jerusalem Post and is the author of the book: “Veiled Atrocities”, published by Prometheus, New York 2010 .

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