Islamists/Jihadists are Destroying Peace and Stability Wherever they are

by DR. SAMI ALRABAA June 19, 2014

islamic jihad

Muslim extremists and terrorists, also called Jihadists, are active almost everywhere: in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali, Syria, and Iraq. You can also meet them in Europe and America. In Germany, for example, there are 1700 of them, called Salafists.

Who are those Islamists and Jihadists?

  1. Many of them can hardly read and write.
  2. They are usually jobless, have dropped school and never learned a profession.
  3. The majority of them have never read the Quran, the holy book of Muslims. All they know about Islam is from the mouth of fanatic imams.
  4. Some Islamists have learned the Quran by heart, but hardly understand what they have learned. Their justification: the Quran is a holy script, i.e. the language of Allah, God.
  5. The brains of Islamists are washed by historic fictitious tales from the time Muslim Conquest, Islamization of  huge parts of the world, till Spain.
  6. Islamists argue and believe that if they fight like their ancestors, they "will" conquer the world and Islamize the whole world. Consequently, they will be rewarded by entering Paradise and live they for ever.
  7. Islamists are promised by several passages in the Quran and asserted by imams and fanatic Muslim leaders, that if they kill infidels by suicide bombs or otherwise, they will right away land in Paradise! In other words, why should one work and exert themselves when in a matter of seconds after committing a suicide-bombing, you land in Paradise, next to the Prophet Muhammad?!
  8. Muslim extremists are convinced that "Islam is the solution" to all human problems. They also believe that if they establish the Shari'a Law; Allah's Law all problems of the world will be solved.
  9. The Shari'a Law, by the way, vehemently rejects democracy. The Shari'a Law prescribes forming a council of dignitaries, of good Muslims in society, to watch the implementation of Shari'a.
  10. The Shari'a Law focuses on gender segregation. Men and women should never mix, in particular in public places and schools. Women are forced to cover each and every inch of their skin, especially in public places.
  11. Also, according to Shari'a, women who commit adultery are sentenced to flogging and stoning to death. Thieves are punished by amputating their limbs.
  12. According to the Quran, apostasy deserves the death penalty, "If they turn away (leave Islam and embrace another faith), then seize them and kill them wherever you find....." Sure 4, verse 89
  13. Many Islamists also believe that non-Muslims must be forced to convert to Islam. They base this belief of several passages in the Quran which incite Muslims "to kill the infidels". Also the Quran urges Muslims not to take "Christians and Jews as friends." "O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies/friends" Sure 5, verse 51 

In practice, if the Taliban, the ISIS, Boco-Haram in Nigeria and other radical Muslims take over, they would establish a regime similar to those in the dark ages.

As devastating the assault on Mosul in northern Iraq was, for many observers it was prescient. Many American and Western politicians and former diplomats to Syria and Iraq, e.g. Robert S. Ford, called for arming moderate Syrian rebels. Had Obama followed that call, the Islamists ISIS in northern Syria and Iraq would not have become so powerful.

After the assault on Musol, Obama bragged, "All options are open!" This president is really in a mess. So far he has not taken one single reasonable decision. He talks about "red lines" and "options", but when it comes to take action, he staggers back. 

In addition, it is well known that the Saudi regime supports Islamists worldwide with billions of petrodollars. Of course, they do not do that openly. They distribute the money over proxy hands.

By supporting Islamic terrorists worldwide, these same terrorists would leave the Saudi regime "alone". Besides, the world would be kept busy and would not have the opportunity to tackle human rights in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, Western governments are scared and therefore hesitant to blast the Saudis for fear of disrupting the flow of oil into the West. Thus, Obama and his administration have never criticized the Saudis for financing terrorists and for their appalling human rights record.   

It is estimated that ISIS has 6,000 radical Muslim fighters in Iraq, 3,000 in Syria, and about 700 fighters from Europe, and all these fighters are financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The Sunnis, including Saudi Arabia and the oil-rich Golf States loath Iran, a Shiite state. This hatred is historic. However, the Shiites are not so radical like some Sunnis.

Over the past two years, observers and analysts were warning that if the West does not put an end to the Assad regime in Syria, and support moderate rebels, radical Muslims, especially foreigners, would become stronger and stronger in the northeast of Syria.

On the other hand, Assad, the president of Syria stated repeatedly that his regime is "fighting radical Muslims who are affiliated to Al Qaeda."

The West thought that Assad was trying to justify his assault on the opposition regardless of their political convictions.

Now, after the ISIS have captured Musol and other Iraqi towns in the north, the Assad regime feels utterly vindicated.

Historically speaking, almost every century of human history was dominated by the fight against an evil. Last century, the world had to fight against Nazi Germany and later against communism, at least verbally.

This century the fight will be focused on radical Islam. Certainly, rationally and logically speaking, radical Islam will eventually be defeated like all irrational and illogical ideologies.   

However, for this fight, to last short and cost less, particularly in terms of human loss, requires better "leaders" than Obama and Merkel.

Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a professor of Sociology and an Arab-Muslim culture specialist. He has taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University. He also writes for the Jerusalem Post and is the author of the book: “Veiled Atrocities”, published by Prometheus, New York 2010 .

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