It Takes Islam to Defeat Islam

by ALEXANDER G. MARKOVSKY January 25, 2015

While hundreds of millions of Muslims, from Sweden to Algeria and Detroit to Gaza, celebrated the Paris terrorist attack, shouting "Islam will take over the world!" millions of Parisians took to the streets "heroically" waving their flags denouncing terrorism. The world leaders assembled in Paris were seeking uplift in a moment of exaltation and posing for a show of unity. But it was only a show, an imitation of unity. Real unity derives from a commonality of true interests and objectives of all parties. Given who was invited and who wasn't, who attended and who didn't, we can safely conclude that the emphasis was on symbolism rather than on the development of a concerted international response.    

The gathering sent an ambiguous message to the world by seemingly equating perpetrators and victims. Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu marched in the same column. Abbas is chairman of the PLO, the terrorist organization that finances terrorist acts against Israel and was behind multiple airplane hijackings in the 1970s, including the infamous Air France Flight 139. In an ironic twist of fate, it was the older brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, who led Israeli commandos in a daring raid on Entebbe on July 4, 1976 that freed 100 hostages of the Air France flight, held by Mahmoud Abbas' bloodthirsty precursors.

   Moreover, while Abbas was officially invited by the French government, Netanyahu, although present, was not welcome. According to reports, France specifically asked the Israeli prime minister not to attend. To his credit, Netanyahu, impelled by the moral obligation to Israeli citizens who have been victims of terrorism during the 68 years of his country's existence and to the Jews murdered in the current attack, ignored the French government's cowardly appeal.

 To make the scene in Paris even more contradictory, Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who has been openly challenging the morality of radical Islam, was not even invited. Unfortunately, Barack Obama was missing in action; he missed the chance to march hand in hand with Abbas, sharing the unity of conviction denying the very existence of Islamic terrorism.

These formal arrangements exposed the agony of Western democracies torn between security and morality. The Paris massacre demonstrated that the West erred in assessing that pluralism and appeasement are the answers to radical Islam. Instead, it opened the door to an invasion of Western Europe by Islam. 

Just as centuries ago, Islam has launched itself across Europe in an unrelenting wave of religious acclamation and territorial expansion. Entire areas of major European cities, including Paris, have been de facto annexed to the possession of Islam, and the sovereignty of the host states is no longer recognized in those sizable enclaves. The practical consequence has been that those areas of Europe have become the base of and fertile ground for Islamic radicalism.   

While the Islamic chickens are coming home to roost, the West remains in the ostrich position, having a difficult time coming to terms with the strategic and geopolitical reality of this new world war and the true nature of radical Islam.

Whether it is Hamas in Gaza, or Hezbollah in Lebanon, or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, or international entities such as al Qaeda or ISIS-although very often in violent conflict with each other, accompanied by atrocities the world has not seen since World War II-all are united in their holy quest to replace Western civilization and the existing moral order with their radical version of Islam.

The West fails to recognize as immutable fact that radical Islam is not just a religion; it is also a political totalitarian movement, just like communism or fascism. The movement embraces a fanatical agenda that includes theological supremacy and a Marxist-type utopian/egalitarian standard of virtue. As this concept has been projected into the United States and Europe, the most important constituent of Islam has been overlooked or misunderstood, which is all the more important because:

Radical Islam, through coercion and intimidation, united the Muslims of the world in its epic struggle to provide moral, financial, and logistical support to those who are on the front line of war with the infidels. That silent but effective   network of support allows terrorists to avoid security forces, survive, plan, recruit new members, and provide training. 

Unlike communism and fascism, which were adopted by countries that could be defeated, radical Islam is not a country, it is a cause sustained by ideology; hence, diplomatic solutions cannot be found, nor is it possible to defeat in strictly military terms.  

First and foremost this monster has to be defeated ideologically by superior principles advanced by Islam itself. Therefore, radical Islam can only be defeated by Islam. 

Indeed, it is not a "mission impossible." Across the Atlantic in Egypt, a new and different version of Islam is emerging. Egyptian president el-Sisi, who has been denouncing Islamic terrorism and recently challenged religious clerics and scholars to "revolutionize the religion," is a leader with courage and moral clarity, who has the charisma, stature, authority and is in a position to isolate radicals ideologically and defeat them militarily. El-Sisi is the first and the only Arab leader who has forcefully confronted terrorism by removing the "democratically" elected Muslim Brotherhood, supported by the United States and Europe, from power. Seizing power in a military coup and continuing to prosecute Islamic radicals made him anathema to those who, in their idealized version of the world, believe in reciprocity of appeasement. 

The leaders of the Free World need to do much more than march in solidarity. Having the overriding impetus of remaining free, they must recognize the fallibility of the democratic process and the imperative of eradicating radical Islam. The Free World should embrace el-Sisi and offer him moral support and unconditional financial and military assistance. Political posturing will not instill the fear of God in the Islamists, but el-Sisi, with Western help, will-if he lives long enough. Courageous leaders before him did not, so time is of the essence.    

Allahu Akbar!!  

Alexander G. Markovsky is a Russian émigré. He holds degrees in economics and political science from the University of Marxism-Leninism and an MS in structural engineering from Moscow University. He resides in Houston, Texas, with his wife and daughter, where he owns a consulting company specializing in the management of large international projects. Mr. Markovsky is a contributor to, and his essays have appeared on, WorldNetDaily, Family Security Matters, Ruthfullyyours and other websites. He can be contacted at

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