It’s the Propaganda, Stupid!

by MANDA ZAND-ERVIN November 25, 2012

The conservatives are now looking for a reason why they lost the election that should have been in the bag after the 2010 Tea Party-empowered win. Some blame the Romney campaign's strategies, or the Republican Party for ignoring the immigrants and failing to reach out to the ever-growing Latino base. But this is all about how the Democrats have been blaming the Republicans.

In order to smear their opponents, the Democrat propaganda machine has claimed that Republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-diversity, anti-fairness, anti-woman, anti-non-Christians, against the poor & middle class, pro-rich, and...anti-everything that they, the Democrats, pretend to support.

They boost their own image as the right and righteous party through the very same propaganda machine. The disastrous consequences of their policies are never discussed or if they are, they are never their fault or whatever went wrong is the fault of the Republicans in any case. 

Democrats have cried crocodile tears for the poor for several decades; however they have now shifted from the poor to the middle class, espousing what used to be Republican concerns for the middle class and small business job creators, using the Republicans' discourse to accuse them of being now only for the "rich".

This is of course the result of half a century of well developed and unrelenting left wing hyperbole that preys on all those who are uninformed and who invest their emotions, rather than their logic and smarts, in their politics. Mastery in the art of the big lie and brain washing techniques used against the impressionable masses is one of the characteristics of the followers of the Leninists.

The left knows how to cover up their true Leninist agenda by branding themselves with titles like Progressives, intellectuals or Liberals.  

Everything we see in the U.S. today is an eerie déjà vu for me, from misleading talking points and verbiages, down to actual disinformation, creating a history that never was and crooked political postures that aren't and can never be. I have been there and gone through this before.  

During the cold war era the KGB-governed Stalinist Party of Masses in Iran operated in the exact same way. They all claimed intellectual rank, no matter how ignorant or even illiterate they were. They maintained that they were the standard bearers for the poor masses and that they were for fairness and financial equality. They were also anti-Imperialist America; however in the end, all the self-professed Leninist "intellectuals" sold out to the Islamist Khomeini. 

In spite of all those highhanded assertions, the real goal was to kick America out of Iran and bring back the old Russian imperialist. They were also well connected to the American mainstream media who echoed their hype and disinformation all around.

Through demagoguery, Republicans have been branded as the heartless rich 1%, and the Democrats as the intellectual, humanitarian middle class 99%.

Nonetheless, we know that the rich progressive/Marxists, like George Soros and the Hollywood crowd, who make obscene amounts of money, and who are also an unmentionable 1% of the Democratic Party.  

When Republicans raise more money, Democrats cry foul about the rich, but when Democrats raise more money, Republicans do not return with the same rhetoric.

Given these parameters, I have a proposal for Republicans; to hire a few Democrat spin doctors from Chi-Town and a few KGB gurus to school them in "The Art of Propaganda and Demagoguery". In this school the curriculum will be:

      How to pick a title that hides your true agenda that rhymes with Progressive, Liberal or Intellectual.

      How to bring their true agenda to the attention of the public like calling them the Left Wing Marxists instead of Liberals.

      How to demagogue artfully.

      How to hoist a smear campaign on your opponents.

      How to fabricate lies to alarm the uninformed masses away from their opposition.

      How to create scandals to divert the attention of the constituency away from the important issues. 

      How to ignore national concerns and withhold information when addressing the very same masses.

      How to cover up disasters as a result of failed policies.

      How to get the media to turn a blind eye instead of scrutinizing.

      How to say one thing and do the opposite

      How to change the committee rooms' door locks in order to pass legislation without the opposition's input.

      How to intimidate, bribe and arm-twist your members to vote against their will.

      How to defame anyone who thinks for themselves and defies your dogma.

      How to divide the people in to groups and pit them against each other to muddy the waters in order to win elections.

      How to tell your opponents bald-faced lies.

      How to run the country without any annual budget.

I think the Republican Party has to establish this advanced educational program to reestablish sanity and win the country back in 2016. Contributing Editor Manda Zand-Ervin is an Iranian activist and president and co-founder of Alliance of Iranian Women.

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