Leftists Lose It

by TOM MCLAUGHLIN November 17, 2016

Driving through Portland, Maine with my wife the day after the big election, I expected to see black crepe hanging from windows. I didn't, but there were women holding signs offering hugs to distraught liberals downtown. Hundreds gathered there to chant "Not my president!" and "Keep hate out of Maine!" They were peaceful though, unlike they were in that other Portland across the country.

Back and forth we go each week between rural Maine and urban Maine - from the mountains to Greater Portland - from red Maine to blue Maine for a couple of days, then back. It's quite a contrast. In the mountains people know me, but in the city they have no idea that I'm a conservative who voted for Trump. I can observe leftists in their native habitat where they feel safe. Sometimes I feel like Jane Goodall.

In the mountains, Trump won; in the city, Hillary did. Maine is divided between rural and urban and the world views of the former are strikingly different from those of the latter. On the coast of Maine they like marijuana, Hillary, and gun control - in the interior, none of those - just like the rest of America. Gun control in the form of increased background checks was defeated, but marijuana was legalized. Leftists in Greater Portland prevailed there and when I was a leftist, I smoked it too. After giving it up more than thirty years ago, I moved right. Was that causative? I don't know, but it correlated. Leftist billionaire George Soros has always marijuana legalization initiatives. Does he believe smoking weed moves people left? It would seem so.

The Portland Press Herald published several maps of Maine - one each showing towns voting for Hillary vs Trump, Yes vs No on marijuana, and Yes vs No on gun control. All three were virtually identical. The blue/red or left/right divide if you will, runs between the city and the country in Maine and in the whole of our country as well.

On the car radio, I heard news of my alma mater - the University of Massachusetts Lowell - where the "Office of Multicultural Affairs" sent out a notice the day after the election:

"...While it may take some time to fully take in all the recent events, please also know that the OMA office is here for you. Our UMass Lowell community is here for you. Do not hesitate at all to come in or ask for support. Today there is a Post-election self-care session from 12-4 pm in Moloney. The event will include cookies, mandalas, stress reduction techniques and mindfulness activities. Counseling and Health Services will also be available..."

When I lived there in the 1970s, Lowell was a tough city hosting the New England Golden Gloves every year. Evidently it's being repopulated with snowflake stoners.

The Huffington Post reported on a post-mortem meeting of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), during which a young committeeman identified only as "Zach" flipped out at the DNC's truth-challenged Chairwoman Donna Brazile. Claiming her ineptitude enabled Trump to win, he frantically exclaimed:

"You and your friends will die of old age and I'm going to die from climate change! You and your friends let this happen, which is going to cut 40 years off my life expectancy!"

Poor baby. I sincerely doubt Brazile really believes in anthropogenic climate change, but doom-sayer Democrat propaganda has clearly terrified this young leftist.

On the bright side, several leftist celebrities have promised to leave the country if Trump is elected and I hope they do. The list includes: The allegedly Reverend Al Sharpton, Cher, Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, Lena Dunham, and several others whose names are unfamiliar to me. To them, I say: "Bye-bye! Don't let the doorknob catch you in the ass!" But, alas, I doubt they actually will leave us. The allegedly Reverend Al was back on MSNBC Wednesday morning. Maybe he booked a late flight or something. Maybe he hasn't finished packing, but I have a feeling he's going to stick around. If I'm wrong, I hope he pays the millions he owes the IRS before leaving.

In his Veteran's Day post, columnist Mark Steyn wrote: "This week American universities, now among the most expensive yet worthless institutions on the planet, have held mass ‘cry-ins' to protest Tuesday's election. At the University of Michigan, sufferers from PTSD (Post-Trumptastic Stress Disorder) were consoled with Play-Doh and coloring books. Can you imagine any of the teenagers who stormed the beaches of Normandy - boys who were men, and often five, six, seven years younger than today's elderly ‘students' - agreeing to participate in anything so ostentatiously self-indulgent as a 'cry-in' followed by free Play-Doh?"

No, I cannot, but as our new Nobel laureate Bob Dylan put it: "The times, they are a-changin'."


FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Tom McLaughlin is a (now retired) history teacher and a regular weekly columnist for newspapers in Maine and New Hampshire. He writes about political and social issues, history, family, education and Radical Islam.  Email him at tomthemick@gmail.com


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