My Call for a Universal BAN on BROADCASTING the call to prayer

by NANCY HARTEVELT KOBRIN, PHD September 10, 2016

In Memory for Those Murdered on 9/11

To begin with, I offer an  example -- in the town of Acre, Israel a few years ago the Lababidi Mosque was reopened for prayer. On account of the neighborhood's inhabitants' request, the mosque administrators decided that the call for prayer would only be announced inside the mosque without the use of a loudspeaker. Similar arrangements exist in  other mosques in Europe and elsewhere.  In this way the observing tradition is respected without annoying the entire neighborhood including moderate Muslims. 

I write from Albania, a moderate Muslim country. Albania has given me pause to remember those who were murdered by the Saudis on 9/11. I have also been thinking about Albania's susceptibility to radicalization. I thought of  Chechnya while driving through the Albanian alps. Chechnya was once Christian and then brutally Islamized with its mountain clans easily recruited to jihad because of its underlying shame honor code. Jihad is about shaming the Other. When I conducted prison interviews of Somalis in peaceful Minneapolis I heard and saw virtually the same thing -- shame. Like Chechnya the Somali clans use shaming. Its history of Sufism didn't help one bit.  

While Albania has many many moderate generous Muslims, I  agree with Ibn Warraq  -- that Islam itself is not moderate. Islam too uses shaming, by bullying the Other into submission, especially by the call to prayer. 

When I heard the Islamic call to prayer blasted from its new gigantic mosque built by the Saudis after 9/11 in 2005 in Shkoder Albania, the local church was completely dwarfed. Its church bells couldn't even remotely compete. 

Why?  Church bells are completely different than the bullying hysterical voice of the muezzin shouting out jihad's infamous "Allahu Akhbar" battle cry. 94% of what we communicate, we do so nonverbally. Approximately 4% of the 94% involves the voice. We underestimate how powerful the voice is. The time has come for a universal ban forbidding the broadcasting of the call to prayer.

It is also time for Islam's adherents to voluntarily practice humility in earnest, not just by mouthing a pseudo-modesty claim as "the religion of peace".  A lot lurks behind the scenes of such an allegedly peaceful call to prayer, even in moderate Albania.

Significant numbers of Albanians have gone to Syria for jihad. Read here:;[tt_news]=43917#.V8Z0jsRXenM; ; and here for starters.

Yet even Albanians openly admit to still harboring a bitter taste in their mouths as Islam's forced converts. They too find the broadcasting of the call to prayer disturbing. 

In Albania I see young women wearing head scarves though still in a minority and  an even smaller number fully veiled. However there are some who wear their paranoic's  black gloves, a phobic sign of their Terror of being contaminated by the kufar. I see too a number of Asians with their fully shrouded wives and children in tow.  Yet for now Syrian refugees don't bother to come here because there is no free European money, only Saudi money for building mosques. That being the case, the Saudis need not worry about their coreligionists not being able to remember when to pray, because if they can build a mosques globally, they can surely afford to provide all with a watch. 

Thus if the Saudis were genuine about making amends for jihad which has gone global, they would take it upon themselves to launch a real call for peace by banning the broadcasting of the call to prayer starting in Mecca. This would signal the true beginning of making reparation for all those who were murdered and maimed on 9/11. 

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Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, Ph.D., Fellow, American Center for Democracy; Psychoanalyst, Arabist & Counter Terrorist Expert; and author of Specializing in Early Childhood Development: Mind & Body Language of the Terrorist.  She is also the author of The Banality of Suicide Terrorism; Penetrating the Terrorist Psyche; The Maternal Drama of the Chechen Jihadi, soon available in Urdu; The Jihadi Dictionary: THE Essential INTEL Tool; and yet-to-be published Children Killing Children and Mailing Mogadishu. 

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