My Life Inside CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood

by CHRIS GAUBATZ February 18, 2011
During the last several weeks Americans have been provided information about the situation in Egypt and more importantly the role of the Muslim Brotherhood. I applaud the awareness many people like Steve Emerson, Tawfik Hamid, my father (Dave Gaubatz) and others have provided to the American people information  about the dangers of the Muslim brotherhood. Per the norm the mainstream media (MSM) has lost its course and misled the American people to believe the Muslim Brotherhood situation is ‘over there’. Meaning, once again Americans are being led to believe the problem with the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood is a potential problem only for people in Egypt. Therefore this leads the American public to again have a false sense of security by believing the Muslim Brotherhood poses no threat to Americans in the U.S.
Hopefully this article will open the eyes and minds of the American public who deserve to know the truth. What is the truth? 
  1. Our intelligence agencies downplay the impact of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. They overwhelmingly say this terrorist organization poses no threat to Americans. The truth is the Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous, have the capability to attack any American city, have continuously stated they will destroy America and Israel, and they have the capability to carry out these acts.
  2. Our President knows more about the Muslim Brotherhood than he leads the American people to believe. Mr. Obama also downplays the threat the Muslim Brotherhood poses to America. The truth is Mr. Obama is aware the Muslim Brotherhood has the desire and capability to cause more damage to our country than the attacks of 11 Sep 2001 did.
  3. Our senior law enforcement agencies such as the FBI do not inform the American public that the Muslim Brotherhood openly operates throughout America and they have the support of such organizations as CAIR. Note: My father (Dave Gaubatz) and researchers on his team have conducted first-hand research at Muslim Brotherhood facilities in the U.S. One such location is in Philadelphia, PA.
I had previously mentioned CAIR supports the Muslim Brotherhood ideology. Why can I say this? Because I conducted undercover research for several months inside CAIR National and worked daily with the leaders of this organization to include the executive director Nihad Awad and his Public Relations Director Ibrahim Hooper. During my undercover research I had the opportunity to pray with the leaders of CAIR and to speak with them for many hours. I traveled with this organization when they went to various conferences. In public CAIR will say they denounce violence, but behind the scenes they use the same materials to study Islam as the Muslim Brotherhood does. One such Muslim Brotherhood leader that is routinely followed by CAIR and numerous Islamic leaders throughout the U.S. is Sayyid Qutb. 
Sayyidd Qutb was an Egyptian and belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood as one of their strongest leaders. Qutb wrote several books pertaining to physical Jihad and other issues. Qutb spent a considerable amount of time at Stanford University and openly spoke about his hatred of America. Qutb was executed by the Egyptian government in 1966. Qutb is just one of many Islamic leaders ‘cherished’ and studied by Muslims in America. My father’s research concluded Qutb’s works are in 80% of the 2300 Islamic centers/mosques in America. Readers can get a better understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood influence in America by reviewing Qutb’s works ‘Milestones’ (downloadable as a pdf) and ‘In The Shade of The Quran’ (15 volumes, downloadable in pdf form from here). 
Many people may be wondering why our elected leaders allow the Muslim brotherhood to operate in America and why our government allows such organizations such as CAIR to continue providing material and other support to terrorist organizations. The answer is actually very simple. In our government there are numerous elected officials who support the Muslim Brotherhood. Many of you will now be shaking your heads and saying this cannot be true. It is true. While undercover in CAIR National I had the opportunity to meet, pray with, and review paperwork concerning elected leaders in America who support the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations such as Hamas. 
If our mainstream media were to actually do their jobs and knew the right questions to ask, it would become apparent to all that there are several key elected leaders in our country who support the Muslim Brotherhood. Congressman Keith Ellison, Congressman Andre Carson, and NC State Senator Larry Shaw are just a sampling of the elected officials who support CAIR, which in turn supports the ideology of Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood.
My father has often said that CAIR is a ‘terrorist organization’. The information we obtained in over 6 months of undercover work inside CAIR National confirms this. We were able to obtain over 12,000 documents that CAIR National was in the process of shredding/destroying. One such document verifying CAIR’s support for Al Qaeda is in our book ‘Muslim Mafia’. This document alone should be enough for our law enforcement and government to shut this organization down, yet they continue to operate. Again, you and I ask: “Why?” Not only does the Muslim brotherhood have supporters in our elected offices, but they also have supporters inside the U.S. State Department, Law Enforcement (to include the FBI) and within the IRS. During our undercover research we were able to review CAIR’s guest log books going back before 2001. The list of U.S. State Department, FBI Agents, and other law enforcement agencies who visited CAIR National was in the hundreds.  
One such individual was Sgt. Weiss Rasool, Fairfax County Police Department, Va. Rasool was an officer who routinely drove his police car to CAIR National and had meetings with CAIR leaders. Rasool would also bring Islamic leaders from Dar Al Hijrah (Falls Church/home of several 9/11 terrorists), the ADAMS Center, and others to visit the Police Academies and arranged meetings with senior law enforcement officials to promote the Islamic ideology. Rasool was also providing suspects and Islamic leaders who were being investigated by law enforcement, detailed information on their cases. He was subsequently prosecuted and his law enforcement credentials were removed.
Working undercover inside CAIR National taught me several valuable lessons. The most important are:
  1. Americans should question the sources within mainstream media. There views are often aligning toward Islamic based terrorist groups. CAIR has spent an enormous amount of money recruiting journalists within the main media organizations….
  2. There are many elected officials who support Islamic terrorist organizations and/or who have people on their payroll who do so. 
  3. CAIR has a better confidential/source network than even our FBI does. Recruiting confidential informants to work on behalf of CAIR (wittingly and unwittingly) is a main priority of CAIR National.
  4. CAIR receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from Saudi Arabia.
  5. CAIR has a very close relationship with many colleges and universities inside America. The goal is to not necessarily bring non Muslim students into Islam, but rather to use them as future assets in the propaganda war.
  6. CAIR and other such organizations conduct ‘Interfaith Meetings’ with Christian and Jewish leaders to use them as allies and tools to help promote the Islamic ideology. CAIR understands many of the Christian leaders are naïve and essentially ignorant when it comes down to their understanding of Islam. CAIR uses the ignorance of Christian leaders to advance their organizational goals. 
I would like to close this article on a positive note. There are many people who are on CAIR’s ‘Hit List’. These people and organizations are monitored by CAIR on a daily basis. Such people are Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, ACT For America, The Center For Security Policy, Dave Gaubatz, Tom Trento, and many others. During my time inside CAIR National I would routinely ‘steer’ the Muslim interns to the sites and articles of these people. Per the norm CAIR National always had photo sessions with all the interns who had worked with CAIR. During my tenure with CAIR and after showing the interns what Emerson and others write about CAIR, all of the Muslim interns refused to have their pictures taken with CAIR National and informed me they did not want future employers to know they had even worked with CAIR. Essentially they were ashamed of CAIR and wanted nothing to do with this pseudo ‘civil rights’ organization. They had worked with CAIR National for several months and saw through the fallacies CAIR was promoting.
I highly encourage Americans to continue being involved and to voice their concerns about the national security issues our country faces due to organizations such as CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to openly operate in America. 
Family Security Matters Contributor Chris Gaubatz was the lead counter-terrorism researcher in the 6 month undercover operation inside CAIR National (Council on American Islamic relations). The undercover research subsequently led to the release of the best seller ‘Muslim Mafia’ authored by his father, Dave Gaubatz. Chris can be contacted at Dave Gaubatz can be contacted at

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