NATO Will Be 'Obsolete' If It Pretends Caliph Erdogan is an Ally


Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared victory in yesterday's referendum meant to give him dictatorial powers. His opponents are denouncing voting irregularities, but their protests are likely nothing more than the death rattle of democracy in Turkey.

Erdogan will now continue building his long-sought Caliphate, suppressing such adversaries as remain in the media, in parliament and among the electorate. He will align Turkey ever more firmly with fellow Sharia-supremacists abroad as well as at home, and with others hostile to the West in Russia, China and elsewhere.

Last week, President Trump reversed his campaign stance that NATO is "obsolete." For that to be true going forward, though, the Atlantic alliance is going to have to find a way to cauterize the wound left by the loss of its strategic southeastern flank - a step that is better formally recognized, than papered over.

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