No Pink Hats and "Nasty" Women at this March!

by MOM'S MARCH USA September 21, 2017

No Pink Hats and "Nasty" Women at this March!

Sarah Palin, Missy Robertson, Candy Carson to speak at national Mom's March for America 

No pink hats and "nasty" women at this march! Sarah Palin, Missy Robertson, Candy Carson to speak at national Mom's March for America 

OMAHA, NE-Sarah Palin, Candy Carson (wife of Dr. Ben Carson) and Missy Robertson (Duck Dynasty) join the A-list of power moms speaking at Mom's March for America September 23 to raise the bar of decency and civility and liberty. There will be no pink hats, vulgar signs, childish costumes or hate speech at this march.  These moms are coming together to celebrate motherhood and stand for truth, family, freedom and the Constitution which they say "protects the divine rights of mothers".

The march is centered in Omaha, Nebraska but will be broadcast live via internet live stream and Salem Media. Thousands of mothers in more than 3,000 cities and every state in America have signed up to join the march in person or through the live broadcast.  The Declaration of Mothers is the standard and foundation for the march. It is a proclamation to the nation telling our elected leaders, policy makers and the media what we want to see upheld and promoted in our society, schools, government and communities.  A National Map of Light lights up all the cities where moms have joined the march.

Mom's March for America isn't a physical march walking down the street, shouting, and carrying signs.  It is a cultural march toward a higher standard of decency, civility, and liberty--a celebration of the biggest cultural movement happening in America - the march that mothers make every day in their homes, neighborhoods, and businesses as they nurture their families, influence their communities and shape our nation.

"The Mom's March isn't about politics, parties, or presidents. It's about standing for, and promoting, the principles and values America was founded on-the principles and values that honored mothers, respected families and made us the freest, most prosperous nation on earth," said Kimberly Fletcher.

Radical feminists and hate groups have accused the event of being racist and fascist and threatened to protest but organizers are not deterred saying security is top notch for the historic gathering of mothers.

"Our nation is in crisis. Since the Women's march in Washington anger and violence have escalated, statues have been toppled, memorials defaced, and divisions increased. America is facing a cultural crisis of epic proportions and there is only thing that can stop the madness and turn the tide-bring in the Moms! The Mom's March isn't just an event.  It's a movement of mothers unlike we've seen before.  We're uniting and we're taking our culture back!" said Kimberly Fletcher.

The Mom's March for America is being organized by HomeMakers for America, a national, non-profit organization founded in 2004.

For more information about the March visit:  Download Media Kit 

Kimberly Fletcher, Executive Director & event organizer of the Moms March for America, is the wife of a retired Air Force officer, mother of 8 children, and president and founder of Homemakers for America. She is the author of "WOMEN: America's Last Best Hope", contributing writer with The Blaze and, and radio host on Omaha's The Answer, a Salem Broadcasting station.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Kimberly Fletcher, contact Barbara Day with Mom's March for America at (502) 876-1896 or

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