Obama's Final Apology

by N. M. GUARIGLIA November 29, 2016

President Obama began his first term with a so-called "apology tour" around the world.  The much younger Obama went to France in early 2009 and said "America has shown arrogance," that we had been "dismissive, even derisive" of our European allies.  He later went to Spain and said that America "sought to dictate our terms" too often.  He then famously went to Cairo and apologized to the "Muslim world"-whatever that means-for historical injustices, regardless of countervailing facts.

I could go on, but won't.  The premise of these apologies was the following: "George W. Bush was bad, whereas I, Barack Obama, will be good."  Hence the hysterical Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him just months into his presidency-solely on anticipation.

During this apology tour, Obama would often refer to his biracial ancestry and international upbringing-even his middle name, Hussein-as evidence that it was safe for the world to like America again.  It was all about him, you see.  His ascension to the presidency was purportedly an affirmation that the knuckle-dragging hicks of Flyover America had finally and collectively exonerated themselves for the sins of white people from the past.  "I would like to think that with my election... that you're starting to see some restoration of America's standing in the world," he once opined while in Europe.  See?  With his election.  How big picture!

Just as Obama began his presidency by meekly apologizing for America abroad, so too he ends his presidency doing the same.  Last week in Athens, during his final foreign trip in office, Obama attempted to explain Donald Trump's victory to his European hosts.  There is an "anger and fear in the American population," Obama said, continuing:

You've seen some of the rhetoric among Republican elected officials and activists and media.  Some of it pretty troubling and not necessarily connected to facts, but being used effectively to mobilize people... and obviously, President-elect Trump tapped into that particular strain within the Republican Party and then was able to broaden that enough and get enough votes to win the election.

This statement should invalidate all of the praise that Obama received for the gracious way he hosted Trump at the White House two days after the election.  To go abroad as a sitting American president and tell a foreign audience that your successor was elected due to a "pretty troubling" strain of "anger and fear," and-as the implication goes-bigotry and xenophobia, is an absolute disgrace.  It's such a disgrace, in fact, that it should remain-for a very long time-one of the primary things we remember Barack Obama for: dumping on the integrity of the American people-who elected him twice-to a foreign audience simply because he disagrees with the result of a democratic election.  To say Obama is ungrateful is an understatement.  We're just angry and fearful, got it?

As with most of the disgraceful and self-revealing things Obama has said throughout his eight years-and there have been many-this pathetic comment will long be forgotten.  For some inexplicable reason, Obama is Teflon Don; he has always exempted himself (because we have exempted him) from the normal ethical standards that the rest of us hold ourselves to.

That's why Obama can send Malia to intern with a court-jester like Lena Dunham, who has called for the "extinction of white men," without any fear of social or political repercussions, consequences, or blowback-all the while lecturing Americans on the need to be more racially tolerant and less divisive.

That's why Obama can tell Sasha and Malia that Trump's election represents a "flare-up of bigotry," but never showed the same concern in the pews of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's "black separatist" church.

You remember old Uncle Jeremiah, don't you?  The guy that Obama called his "spiritual advisor" for over two decades (they would pray alone with each other in the basement).  The guy that married Barack and Michelle.  The guy that baptized Sasha and Malia.  The guy whose inflammatory hate-filled sermons somehow became the title of Obama's autobiography (at least one of them-he has two autobiographies).

Wright is the zealot who screamed that black people killing other black people were killing "the wrong enemy"-among many other racist, anti-white, anti-American, anti-human rights, anti-Semitic statements.  And Obama admittedly went to this lunatic's church.  For 20 years.  And he brought his daughters.

Week after week, Wright's congregations ate all of this hatred up.  You may have seen the videos.  Yet I cannot recall one journalist ever asking then-Senator Obama if his family was the only one in Trinity Church not to stand and applaud whenever Wright would go on these insane racist screeds.  Were the Obamas the only family to remain seated and stone-faced during the ranting and raving on the evils of white America?  Did they get up and leave?  Did Obama ever quietly rebuke Wright in private afterwards?  Did he ever lean over to Sasha and Malia and say, "Please don't listen to this, girls.  Sometimes there are flare-ups of bigotry"?

What a crock-of-Barack.  It was always this racial disingenuousness and lack of self-reflection that prevented Obama from earning widespread respect as a leader.  He was absolutely not a healer.  Shall we go through the litany?  The surreal Beer Summit.  The "clingers" diatribe.  The premature interjections on local police shootings (but only those that could be racially exploited to fit the leftist narrative).  The radical and ethnically-obsessed company he kept: Rev. Wright, Michael Pfleger, William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Tony Rezko, Frank Marshall Davis, and perhaps-the world may never know-the Saudi psychopath Khalid al Mansour.  The full list of unexamined closet-skeletons is extensive.  Let's call it a basket of deplorables.

Bottom line: our outgoing president was and still remains not only a serial race-baiter, but a particularly hypocritical one. 

But no!  It's white America that is racist.  "Bigoted."  "Angry."  "Fearful."  These are direct quotes.  This is what Obama truly leaves office thinking.  Fascinating, isn't it?  In Obama's mind, Trump's victory had nothing to do with his administration's destruction of the coal industry in the Rust Belt (states that a Republican had not won for over 30 years).  It had nothing to do with a struggling economy (Obama is the only president in history not to deliver a single year of 3.0% GDP growth).  It had nothing to do with doubling the national debt ($10 trillion in debt from 1776 to 2009 became $20 trillion in debt in just eight years).

So Obama goes out the same way he came in: castigating American citizens overseas in an international display of the pot calling the kettle black.  Over his two terms, Obama has demonstrated absolutely zero introspection regarding his own racial double-standards and liberal prejudices-which, it should be said, for a man so widely praised for his intelligence, is the textbook definition of intellectual incuriosity and close-mindedness.

Objective critics of Obama have long accepted the fact that he will continue to successfully avoid criticism on these race-related issues; primarily because many of these critics fear being labeled a racist (potentially by Obama himself).  But take heart: Mr. Obama certainly has not avoided rebuke for his subpar leadership abilities and apparent lack of fortitude internationally.

I personally cannot think of someone that believes Obama is a man of mettle or has the constitution of a strong backbone.  Ask Putin.  Ask Khamenei.  Ask the Chinese.  Ask our allies.  Ask any random member of the U.S. military, junior enlisted and senior officer alike.  He simply isn't respected by the people a president needs to be respected by.  And for good reason.

The truth is Obama will be remembered as one of the largest pushovers ever to inhabit the Oval Office; a kind of uniquely fetal, once-in-a-generation type of weakling.  And I suspect as this reputation solidifies throughout his post-presidency, so too will Obama's unflattering assessment of the average American citizen.

Good.  At least it's mutual. 

Contributing Editor N.M. Guariglia is an essayist who writes on Islam and Middle Eastern geopolitics.


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